stud walls

  sunnystaines 07:12 22 Apr 2013

always had solid walls,but a bungalow i am looking at has stud walls. done a google but is full of stud finders not sure what studs are either.

any pros / cons re stud walls or any advice i need to know please.

no alterations planned other than re painting walls.

  carver 07:41 22 Apr 2013

Basically they are just timber frames with a plaster board covering the frame work, just don't try and hang any heavy objects unless you use the correct fixing.

Some thing like this enter link description here

enter link description here

  carver 07:49 22 Apr 2013

Just thought about a DIY book we have and instructions in it for hanging a large mirror to a stud wall go a bit like this,

Buy stud fixings, also buy plaster board repair kit to repair hole made by fixing not working properly, find number for plasterer to come and fix job properly.

  sunnystaines 08:02 22 Apr 2013

carver thank you the links were a good read. are studs metal brakets that hold the wood frame together?

  wiz-king 08:03 22 Apr 2013

Internal stud wall can be very good but newish ones sometimes have insulating fiberglass between the two layers of plaster board which can make it a pain to retrofit cables.

  hastelloy 08:25 22 Apr 2013

Studs are the wood bits like this

  oresome 08:28 22 Apr 2013

The plasterboard internal walls in our house appear to have been part manufactured off-site with a eggbox type filling between the outer skins making subsequent cable laying very difficult.

I assume the filling falls short of the edges on manufacture to allow the boards to slot between the timber uprights or studs and a timber base.

After 25 years, the taped joints on the plasterboard are starting to fail, particularly behind radiators.

  Woolwell 11:12 22 Apr 2013

The majority of internal walls, especially upstairs, in a modern house will be stud walls. There is nothing to worry about if they have been built correctly however sometimes stud walls are built to divide rooms and if done by a bodger could be a problem however a house survey should throw up any problems.

  onthelimit1 11:37 22 Apr 2013

Only problem I have is that those fitted to my '97 house have no sound proofing between the plasterboard panels - result is noise in one room heard in the next.

  wee eddie 12:50 22 Apr 2013

This has been annoying me since the beginning of the thread.

The Term is: Studwork Walls not Stud Walls

  wee eddie 12:51 22 Apr 2013

This has been annoying me since the beginning of the thread.

The Term is Studwork Walls not Stud Walls

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