A Strong and steady reshuffle from the PM.

  Govan1x 23:40 08 Jan 2018

The Pm's latest cabinet reshuffle has not gone as planned. And looks like more criticism from the Newspapers overnight.

Looks like she cant to anything right nowadays. If she cant do a simple cabinet reshuffle how is she going to get Brexit right.

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  wee eddie 00:16 09 Jan 2018

What else do you expect from the Newspapers, they have acres of blank paper to cover?

  Quickbeam 06:46 09 Jan 2018

It's already been daubed the night of the blunt butter knife!

The rot started with her U-turn on foxhunting yesterday I'll have you all know...

  rickf 08:18 09 Jan 2018

TM no longer has any credibility. This is almost tantamount to a rebellion of sorts with minister openly flouting her wishes. She should resign and call another GE.

  Quickbeam 09:32 09 Jan 2018

I wish!

  morddwyd 10:16 09 Jan 2018

Rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic springs to mind!

What is really scary is looking at the list of possible replacements (and I include Corbyn)!

  Govan1x 11:02 09 Jan 2018

Not sure if it has happened before 3 cabinet members refusing to change jobs.

You have to wonder who is in charge of the Tory Party just now. it does not seem to be the Prime Minister.

I don't suppose this could happen elsewhere in big business. You would be pointed to the exit door very quickly.

The PM has said before that she will go if asked. Why is she not being asked.

  x123 11:27 09 Jan 2018

"Why is she not being asked."

Is there anyone daft enough to take on the poison chalice?

Contenders will probably wait till after the brexit debarcle and then challenge.

  Govan1x 11:51 09 Jan 2018

If she cant make a decision picking her own cabinet how can she lead us out of the EU.

She cannot speak to any of her cabinet ministers or she would have asked a few of them whether they were willing to take on new jobs or not instead of announcing it in a cabinet meeting.

On nearly every post I have made about the PM and always saying she cant keep on making blunders like this and she still does.

I think if i was a Tory supporter I would really be annoyed as to how poor the leadership is. They are that bad they are even making Labour look good.

That's how bad they are at the moment in my view.

  x123 12:02 09 Jan 2018

You would think that she would have pre-warned those already cabinet ministers what her plans were and see if there was any major problems. Rather than drop it on them and get major rebukes by some. Then call them in to No10 for publicity. Nor make another shambolic cockup.

  Aitchbee 19:29 09 Jan 2018

Esther McVey's last minute promotion to be the new DWP secretary must have been done on-the-hoof after Ms Greening knocked it back. The former has been known to be unsympathetic in the past but now has been shoehorned in to have a second bite at the cherry ;o[

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