Streetlife - Address verification request.

  BT 12:23 21 Dec 2016

Does anyone else on here use Streetlife and if so had a request to verify their address by providing Debit/Credit Card details to them as follows...

This involves entering your debit/credit card details in order for us to do an address match with your bank (don't worry, we won't take any money)

A number of subscribers on my local Streetlife Forum are concerned about this as am I. Some seem to have had their addresses 'Verified' already and are adamant they haven't provided these details.

What concerns me is that they say they will verify the addresses by reference to our Banks but surely Banks wouldn't provide this information for this purpose. Data Protection would seem to prevent this.

  bumpkin 12:48 21 Dec 2016

Treat it with suspicion, maybe ask your bank if this normal.

  oresome 13:03 21 Dec 2016

I use Streetlife and my account confirms that my address has been verified, but I have never provided or been asked for any bank card details.

  oresome 13:07 21 Dec 2016

Just read some recent messages on my local Streetlife and this very subject has come up with the predictable response that there is no way they are going to proved bank card details.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:41 21 Dec 2016


Never been asked to verify anything on street life.

Anything that asks for bank details is after your money!!!

  lotvic 14:56 21 Dec 2016

I'm on Streetlife, and on home page there is a link to verify address By Card details, By Post, By Government Data. Clicking on the Verify link brings up the options.

As the only option working is the Card details, I've declined to Verify. I'll have to manage without the unlocking features like 'private messaging and recommendations' that verifying brings.

  Forum Editor 15:19 21 Dec 2016

When you provide your card details to streetlife, the information does not reside on the Streetlife servers - it goes directly to STRIPE, which is one of the world's biggest online payment verification companies. STRIPE contacts your bank, and verifies that someone with that card has provided your address as a billing address.

Immediately the check (which takes seconds) has taken place, STRIPE tells Streetlife that all is OK, and that's it - the check data are instantly erased by the STRIPE system. Nobody can take any money, because nobody has asked for any, and even if by some remote chance that did happen you haven't authorised a transaction, so your card account would be refunded by your card issuer.

Providing your card details is no different to providing someone with a cheque - the cheque contains your bank sort code, your account number, and your name. As long as you are not asked to give your 3 digit verification number you are perfectly safe.

  lotvic 15:36 21 Dec 2016

Streetlife, as well as Card number and expiry date, asks for 'Security code CVC/CVV' that is the 3 digit verification number isn't it?

  Forum Editor 15:57 21 Dec 2016


Yes, it is. I'm surprised that they need that, as no transaction will take place.

I confess that I don't know a great deal about Streetlife, but I know that STRIPE is a well-respected company. It's used by some very big names in e-commerce.

I have asked the Streetlife press contact to let me have some more information. My email has been acknowledged, but I suspect I may not get a full response this side of Christmas. I'll get back to this thread as soon as I hear anything.

  Burn-it 17:03 21 Dec 2016

I'll stand by my words in this case.

  Forum Editor 17:43 21 Dec 2016


"I'll stand by my words in this case".

Thereby making matters worse. Saying you'll Stand by something that is totally unsubstantiated is effectively saying it a second time, and that is unacceptable. I am deleting your original post immediately, and must ask you to make no further similar references.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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