Street lamps go back to "white" light.

  rdave13 21:03 08 Feb 2014

I've noticed lately, in our local area at least, that the Council are slowly getting rid of the 'orange' lamps and changing back to 'white' light. I find, when driving, that road vision when driving through a village/town isn't as good as with the 'orange' lighting. Too much 'contrast' with dark spots you didn't get with the 'orange' lighting. Any one else noticed this in your area?

My thoughts are the 'white' light is cheaper to run, which is fair enough, but I think it affects the visibility of a driver in a built up area.

  wee eddie 21:10 08 Feb 2014

Thank the Lord. I find that, with Sodium light, the road markings are difficult to see in the rain

  rdave13 21:16 08 Feb 2014

wee eddie and that's where we differ. I'm getting used to these cheaper lighting but uncomfortable that the harsher light produces too much contrast.

  lotvic 21:26 08 Feb 2014

The councils are replacing the sodium light with LED lights. I preferred the softer orange sodium, I find the LED white to be 'harsh'. I found a good discussion/comparison from last year about the differences on click here

  rdave13 21:39 08 Feb 2014

lotvic, nice link, thank you. I always thought that when the lights were originally changed to 'sodium' lamps they were changed to make night visibility better for the driver and hence safer? I'll get used to them, will have to anyway, but find the light restrictive and not comfortable at all with the cheap LEDs. As mentioned earlier too much contrast to another wise 'softer' light.

  wee eddie 21:56 08 Feb 2014

You got the Sodium vapour 'cos it was cheaper. Where hi-vis was needed they use Mercury vapour lamps which are blue/white

  rdave13 22:33 08 Feb 2014

wee eddie , have a look here, especially under the heading 'Energy efficiency'.

  rdave13 22:39 08 Feb 2014
  wee eddie 22:48 08 Feb 2014

1933 - That's about 80 years ago. There must be some, more recent, research available.

  Woolwell 23:04 08 Feb 2014

We have LED lights and I find them an improvement on what we had before.

Street lighting contributes to a significant part of a Council's energy bill and as part of the Government's Carbon Reduction Commitment that Council's will be gradually changing to LED.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:05 08 Feb 2014

Count yourself lucky to have street lighting

all three lamps in the vicinity of my house are out and the council will get "round to them" in the next couple of months.

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