strange telephone number

  jolorna 11:32 19 Jan 2007

last night we had a phone call from 08888888888 saying they would call back later even the code part doesn't show up in a google search

  lisa02 11:57 19 Jan 2007

I dialled it and it's not a valid number. Wait til they call back.

  johndrew 11:59 19 Jan 2007

I Googled it and found click here

I also had a choice of click here !!!!

  lisa02 12:00 19 Jan 2007

Family Name: Egbert
First Name: Nobacon
Middle/Maiden Name: Butsomesausages
Residence: 21 fry up street food city

Well done johndrew.

  jolorna 12:10 19 Jan 2007

sounds like its just a gimic thing looking at johndrew's first link

  jolorna 12:12 19 Jan 2007

i didn't want to dial it incase it was some means of getting into your line

  jolorna 12:21 19 Jan 2007

thanks lisa02 & johndrew for that will tick resoved

  spuds 17:46 19 Jan 2007

If you are unduly concerned, contact your telephone company, and see if they can throw any light on the number.

  €dstowe 22:20 19 Jan 2007

Why would someone call you to tell you that they would call later? If they had anything to say, surely it could have been said there and then.

I am reminded of a call my parents had:

"This is an important call from Lloyds TSB. Press any key to continue."

Why does one have to press a key to continue? The caller could have just carried on when the phone was answered.

  jolorna 22:59 19 Jan 2007

thats what puzzled me about the call

  spuds 12:03 20 Jan 2007

'Press any key to continue'. Wasn't there something about this 'scam' and a premium line connection mentioned on the internet and in some computer magazines late last year. Didn't Ofcom get involved in an investigation, and the culprits were found to originate from the China/ Far East region!.

Things seem to have gone quiet, since the incident was brought to light. Perhaps there are new 'ventures' unfolding in the New Year?.

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