Strange odours assail my nostrils as I look in

  jack 10:01 11 Jan 2010

At I am reading this mornings contributions and responding to those I feel an urge to do so
A strange odour is wafting up the apples and pears- whats that?
It quite put me off my stroke for a moment.
Then I remembered- As I got up and put the kettle on for that awakening first cuppa- I also got the bread machine going.
So when later I venture ot for only the 2nd time in the past week, this time to do some food shopping-empty bread shelves in the supermarket will not be such a letdown

  Toneman 10:45 11 Jan 2010

Absolutely, hope you have plenty of ingredients for the bread maker...(I have, so long as this freeze up doesn't go on too long)...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:58 11 Jan 2010

I fail to see why people panic buy bread. I'm sure that we can eat other things.


  jack 11:11 11 Jan 2010

Well there is always cake I suppose.

But joking aside bread is essential - otherwise one fingers get so messy with ham and mustard or cheesand pickle - not to mention peanutbutter and marmalade-- YUM ;-}

  Bapou 12:50 11 Jan 2010

Panic buying as we saw it on Friday was not so much bread. It was - toilet rolls!

Arriving at the check out in Morrisons, I could not believe the number of people and the amount of toilet rolls packs being bought. A glance down the aisles and it was a similar scene.

  ella33 13:15 11 Jan 2010

Milk is about the worst here, there are deliveries every day but people buy large amounts when it snows, so you can't really get it later in the day. I did stop the milkman one morning, when it was slippery last week. He had loads spare because people were panic buying from local stores, in case milk was not delivered. Then cancelled their milk delivery because they had enough! It is not a cheap way to buy it but at least it beat the panic

  OTT_Buzzard 13:23 11 Jan 2010

Just making some bread now. 'Tis in the airing cupboard as I type.

  Yoran Idleburger 13:56 11 Jan 2010

Usually have a shed load of Wholemeal Pitta breads in. These have a long shelf life, just pop into the toaster and instant hot bread.

  Mr Mistoffelees 13:57 11 Jan 2010

I went to our local Tesco on Saturday. It was like Christmas eve, absolutely packed, so I walked out again.

Went to the local shop for local people yesterday and there was plenty of milk and no queues.

  jack 14:55 11 Jan 2010

And out came a steaming Rye loaf.
It did not rise so much as normal, which I thought strange as these machines are a closed environment- [do their own mixing - proving - baking off] independently of out side conditions
But it is still quite acceeptable result.

Forum member
Measuring the ingredients accurately and working to the 'book' is a must
However- if success that way eludes you- have you[or yours] tried the bags of 'Ready Mix'?
LIDL for example do a range that cost 90p or so for a 1 kg bag
This produces 2 800g loaves so quite economical.

  Toneman 15:39 11 Jan 2010

Was the water too cold, presuming you use a similar mix to mine, dried milk powder etc...

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