strange looking bird seen in my garden

  bumpkin 19:21 19 Mar 2018

It was first seen by my daughter who asked me what it was. My nearest guess was a pheasant. It stayed for about 4 hrs and if approached ran off rather than flying. By posting photos and doing some research she identified it as a Red Legged Partridge. Not the sort of thing I see everyday.

  Belatucadrus 09:54 23 Mar 2018

I hand feed our squirrels, doesn't stop them being wild as to hand feeding the Muntjac, not going to happen. If the bucks see you looking at them from inside the house they'll often just stare back at you, does on the other hand vanish at a rate of knots. We're not far from the Fallow deer of Wyre forest but these are also park escapee descendants, not aware of any Red, Roe or any other foreign exotica in the area. There have been occasional rumours of wild boar but they're so infrequent and unconfirmed I suspect it's people catching a glimpse of muntjac and jumping to erroneous conclusions.

  Forum Editor 10:34 23 Mar 2018

My son sometimes has to contend with these in his roof. The noise in the night when they emerge from hibernation in May can be quite something, but he tells me you get used to it.

He has almost stopped them getting into the loft in the first place, but the house is over 400 years old, and is full of nooks and crannies. There are licensed companies who remove them, but they return at some point.

Deer from the adjoining forest are the least of his worries.

  morddwyd 10:45 23 Mar 2018

They are quite rare I belie.

Are they protected, like bats?

  john bunyan 11:16 23 Mar 2018

Dormice like hazelnuts so there must be a nearby source. In a former house, squirrels got into the loft and made a lot of damage. Now I just have pipistrelle bats, which are difficult to keep out and protected so I try use legal means to reduce their numbers.

  Belatucadrus 11:41 23 Mar 2018

Are they protected, like bats?

Common Doormice yes, Edible doormice are I believe classified as an invasive pest species and as such aren't protected.

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