Strange buying behaviour on e-bay

  PalaeoBill 20:59 13 Oct 2010

I thought I would give e-bay a go to pick up a second hand 2.5 inch IDE hard drive for my old laptop (I fancied playing with Windows 7).

Anything upward of 120Gb was my target and given you can buy a brand new 160Gb one on Amazon for £37, freepost, 12 month guarantee, etc., U thought I might get myself something for around £15 to £20. Wrong!

The buy it now prices are around £45 and in the auctions every second hand one I bid on went for more than £25 and most for more than £35. I don't know what to make of it! Why buy second hand for the same money you can have a new one, guarantee and all?

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:24 13 Oct 2010

I think because people just assume it must be cheap because it is on eBay. Many people just don't seem to have the sense to check prices elsewhere first.

  tullie 21:25 13 Oct 2010

Maybe they wernt genuine buyers and just trying to up the price.

  OTT_B 21:26 13 Oct 2010

I was looking for a Canon F/1.8 MkII lens for my camera a few weeks ago. I looked on ebay, and as you, expected to find one for maybe £45 second hand. But no. They were selling second hand for about £90 inc postage, or about £7 more than they are new on Amazon! Guess where I got my lens from.....
A short while later I found the same lens for £77 inc postage from another online retailer.

  OTT_B 21:27 13 Oct 2010

I don't doubt that hapens - a lot. But there's no excuse for the eventual buyers, surely?

  spuds 21:41 13 Oct 2010

Ebay will always have its mysteries as far as some bidders will go. Many times I have noticed people making bids on items, when a simple search will get the same item with a lower buy-now price.

Personally there are certain items that I will not even consider buying from eBay, having had my fingers burnt once with second-hand electrical goods. Even when it is stated new, I ask the seller if there is a warranty, and what it consists of should I need to make a later claim. At that point, the item usually becomes a no-sale.

The other thing to watch for, is items stated new, and are actually stores returns or customer DSR rejects. Quite a number of sellers are starting to deal in this type of market and the guarantees are not transferable, because you need the original companies receipt, which the manufacturer will only accept.

  grey george 22:16 13 Oct 2010

Maybe they are hoping to find valuable data left on the second hand drives. ebay used to be a good place were you could pass on unwanted stuff for a few quid rather than bin it. Now there are vultures and fraudsters waiting to pounce on both sides of the buyer/vender fence.

  Dragon_Heart 22:54 13 Oct 2010

"I think because people just assume it must be cheap because it is on eBay. Many people just don't seem to have the sense to check prices elsewhere first." or simply work for the governments buying dept !

Having said that I am sure most buyers for the government will look around prior to spending their own 'hard earned' money !

Considering the 'gamble' of buying unseen goods from an unknown vendor it just makes you wonder if it's worth the risk ... to me it's not.

Someone suggested to me that if I was going to build my own PC and buy it bit by bit then I should pay a visit to some of these PC fairs, called two or three times and make a note of the stalls that are there every time. You can get some good bargains that appear sound.

Our son likes model trains like Hornby & Bachmann so I have looked on E-bay for some. Run of the mill trucks selling for over £10, nothing special or rare, you can get in a local shop for about £4.50 with no p & p Loco's £10 to 20 more than if bought out the local paper, even cheaper if you can haggle.

Due to the number of people who use E-bay most people must be happy with their purchases, even if some are paying over the odds ?

  morddwyd 07:25 14 Oct 2010

In some cases it's "auction fever".

Nothing to do with e-bay as such, it can be seen at any auction. People get so fixated on the item that they will bid well over the odds.

In other cases it's just laziness - people can't be bothered to shop around.

  babybell 08:32 14 Oct 2010

Isn't as cheap as it used to be, purely because more 'shops' sell on there with buy it now prices, whereas it used to be normal everyday people selling their stuff.

As others have said, most people just assume Ebay will be cheaper and bid on items without even looking around.

My sister once sold a shower curtain set on Ebay and actually stated that it was 2 days old and that she bought it from Argos for £9.99 but she couldn't return it.

Someone then went and bid £13 for it!

  egapup 10:11 14 Oct 2010

On Amazon some new books are cheaper then the same secondhand ones.

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