Storm Desmond looks pretty nasty...

  Forum Editor 12:24 05 Dec 2015

is anyone experiencing flooding this morning?

  john bunyan 12:51 05 Dec 2015

Only windy on South Coast. Sunny yesterday, heavy clouds today. The worst seems to be in NW England and W Scotland. Maybe Ungus will let us know how he is. Also hope spider9 is OK.

  Brumas 12:57 05 Dec 2015

Not flooding, touch wood, the burn at the bottom of our garden is running fast and deep with plenty of room to expand, but we have had gale force winds since yesterday afternoon and there is no sign of them abating!

  Brumas 12:58 05 Dec 2015

By the coast In North Northumberland that is.

  Forum Editor 13:01 05 Dec 2015

We are obviously on the edge of things here, on the North London/Hertordshire border. Very strong winds all night and today, but no rain so far.

  john bunyan 14:31 05 Dec 2015

I heard that the Met office have issued their highest possible warning for W Cumbria, forecasting up to 8 inches of rain!

  spuds 15:41 05 Dec 2015

Very windy yesterday evening, with occasional drizzle, and all today, but no heavy showers of rain yet.

  QuizMan 16:00 05 Dec 2015

Dry in Kent today, but very windy. At midday I competed in the county's masters (veterans) cross country championship. Started off into a gale force headwind. But wind-assisted finish!

  john bunyan 17:08 05 Dec 2015

Looking grim near Keswick

Met Office

  Forum Editor 19:19 05 Dec 2015

I can't remember when I last saw a red weather warning, but I'm looking at one now - for South-West Scotland and North-West England.

Forecasts of 150mm of rain in Cumbria can only be bad news. Good luck tonight, anyone who lives in the regions mentioned.

  morddwyd 19:36 05 Dec 2015

60mph plus on the Fife coast, must be horrendous in the west.

The Forth Road being totally closed for repair doesn't help traffic problems!

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