Stopping smoking.

  rdave13 23:59 21 May 2011

There, I've started a thread about how I'm going to stop smoking... Tomorrow is Sunday and I will finnish off all the cigs I have. Monday I start night shift and a bad time as no shops will be open at 'dinner time'. Not looking foreward to failing as I've published my intent.

Anyone got pills for this problem?

  Forum Editor 00:10 22 May 2011

Not looking foreward to failing as I've published my intent.

You will not fail. On Sunday you will smoke your last cigarette.

  Rob_08 00:15 22 May 2011

Hi, i gave up smoking 8 years ago and never had any failed attempts,or ever looked back. i just used good old willpower and best of all "Allen Carrs easy way to stop smoking book" that book is 100% better than any pills or patches ,in fact patches are a waste as you are still getting a hit of nicotine and you are just proloniging the time it takes to get off the drug. If you are serious then get a copy and read it ,you'll never smoke again after. Oh and all the best. Last tip.... dont count hours or days since the last... just stop and get on with your life and look forward to food that tastes 10 tens better.

  rdave13 00:16 22 May 2011

Yes. Today I quit. Last cigarette.Help.

  rdave13 00:18 22 May 2011

Forum Editor


Thank you for your support.

  Rob_08 00:23 22 May 2011

You are welcome rdave13

heres a link to the book ,think im allowed to do that... its a must really and it'll make it so much easier.
The Easy Way Book

  TopCat® 00:47 22 May 2011

*rdave13 *

Good luck to you from someone who kind of left it a little late and now suffers the health consquences.

The first few days are the hardest so try to be smoke free for as long as you can. You may fall by the wayside, as I did, and start smoking again, but don't ever lose your determination to stop. In the end it's your willpower that will prove to be your strongest aid to quitting for good. TC.

  rdave13 00:57 22 May 2011

Thank you TopCat®. Had a trial run earlier this week. On Monday no cigarette until noon. Bearing in mind I got up at 04:00 in the morning. Rest of the week I went down hill. I will beat this curse.

  morddwyd 07:14 22 May 2011

I wish you all the luck in the world, but you've chosen a pretty difficult week to do it (for the benefit of those who don't know, rdave13 starts the night shift this week).

I managed to stop after fifty years.

Not down to me though. I picked up a hospital acquired infection which made me so ill I didn't want a cigarette for six weeks.

I knew that I'd be a fool to start again after that.

A little bit of reality though. I noticed no difference financially, nor in my general health (don't get me wrong, I know I'm healthier, I just don't feel it) and I noticed no difference in the taste of food, or any of the other beneficial effects which I was supposed to, and it took me about three years to stop wanting a cigarette at times, particularly when stressed.

However, I do feel better about myself knowing that I no longer smoke, and that is a major tangible benefit.

I'm afraid I can offer no practical help, just support. I failed too many times myself to be of any use practically.

  BT 08:28 22 May 2011


Not down to me though. I picked up a hospital acquired infection which made me so ill I didn't want a cigarette for six weeks

Similar to me. I had a bad chest infection and couldn't have smoked one if I'd even wanted one. When I went back to work after 3 weeks I found a part pack in the car and lit one up. After 2 puffs I chucked it out of the window and haven't had or even wanted one since. That was over 20 years ago and even after all this time my Doc still won't call me a non-smoker, only an ex-smoker.

  Mike D 08:38 22 May 2011

It took me a number of attempts before I finally quit and the best advice given to me was to say to others and myself not "I've stopped/quit/given up", but "I do not smoke".

Stupid, but it worked for me. Good luck! Mike

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