Stop Ticket Touting/Reselling - E-Petition

  georgemac © 11:43 26 Feb 2007

E-petitions are very fashionable now although I accept not everyone on here agrees with them.

I feel very strongly that tickets for concerts and sporting events are being snapped up by touts and being resold at vastly inflated prices on Ebay or in the local press.

click here is an e-petition started by someone to make the resale of tickets illegal, not a lot of detail but suggests they are returned to venue for resale at face value if they cannot be used. I think if resale at above face value was made illegal this would stop them being advertised on online auctions and in the press.

Anyone wishing to support this please do so and help by spreading the word. Thank You.

  Forum Editor 19:04 26 Feb 2007

fourm member says. The petitioner is misguided in my opinion, and I won't be signing.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:53 26 Feb 2007

How is touting different to buying a PS3 and flogging it on Ebay for £150 more than you paid for it? You buy an item at a price and sell it for a higher price that the market will stand, I do not see the problem.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:00 26 Feb 2007

ps..naturally I will not be signing the petition.


  Jak_1 20:03 26 Feb 2007

I will not be signing either, a petition will not, cannot stop ticket touting! There will always be some missguided people who will spend more than the cost of a ticket just to see a particular event so there will always be touts.
As far as prevention goes, it's not easy for any institution to prevent touting.
When Manchester City moved into their new home, the City of Manchester Stadium, the ticketing system was changed. We have smart cards, just like security swipe cards. When I renew my season ticket the card is automatically valid for all home games and when a games date is changed the computer knows this and accepts the card. The card number is registered to me and looks just like a credit card, should the card be lost the a quick phone call will invalidate it preventing missuse. Those who go for odd matches also need a similar card and so registration is required. Difficult to sell as it will be required for the next game you attend. When getting tickets for away games, your customer number is required i.e. the card registration number and it is one ticket per card holder, should that card holder be found selling on a ticket for an away game on ebay or touting then that person can be traced by matching the ticket number to the customer number it was issued against. The system works well and I have not seen nor heard of anyone having bunches of cards or away tickets for sale.

  georgemac © 21:13 26 Feb 2007

I am obviously in the minority here so will tick this as resolved, however we are all entitled to our opinion and I believe ticket touting is wrong. Still I have paid well over the top for tickets a couple of times in the last year so have encouraged touting.

Concerts are now selling out in anything from 5 to 45 minutes so not everyone can get through and manage to get tickets.

I also do not believe in what normally happens around Christmas of people obtaining scare to find items and selling them at vastly inflated prices on Ebay, usually games consoles. Maybe I am just too old fashioned for the modern world.

Jak_1, a petition will not stop ticket touting, only a change in the law. I agree that season tickets and the new electronic ticketing systems which are now being installed in a lot of football stadiums are excellent. Will not stop touting for concerts and other one off sporting events though.

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