Stop the crazy waste of money on the Olympics

  Tigertops 12:48 25 Feb 2007

Now that we can petition 10 Downing St can we stop the crazy waste of £9 billion (and counting)
on the Olympics Bid.? I am all in favour of encouraging sport but at these costs it is time to get back to basics with some tents and a grass track. We need these billions spent on better causes like our Health, our Transport systems and our Schools. Anyone willing to take up the challenge?

  realist 13:28 25 Feb 2007

There are already petitions in existence calling for various forms of financial restraint...but none appear to have much support...
click here

  SANTOS7 13:28 25 Feb 2007

I can already see the FAT CATS getting FATTER, could turn into another Wembley debacle...

  Zero G 13:29 25 Feb 2007
  €dstowe 14:05 25 Feb 2007

Before you go blindly completing government run petitions, think that each email address received at Downing Street is one more to be added to the government database (which, of course, doesn't exist) in readiness for the next stage of this dastardly plan against the populace - whatever that might be (identity cards?)

  Tigertops 16:58 25 Feb 2007

Zero G You have a point re the data base aspect. I don't set up Petitions lightly but having been responsible for 2 successful ones affecting a great number of people in Scotland (we have had 3 years experience of the E-Petition system) they can be a force for good and nowadays there are few other ways to get the public's voice heard amidst the perpetual spin from our lords and masters

  Tigertops 17:01 25 Feb 2007

Oops that should have been addressed to £dstowe, sorry Zero G

  €dstowe 17:05 25 Feb 2007

Could be that Scotland has more reputable people in charge of it.

The fact remains that if you send an email to anywhere, the recipient has your email address to do with what he will. I wouldn't trust any politician of any flavour with a used Kleenex of mine, never mind an email address.

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