Stolen UK passports worth £2.5m

  day2strike 15:01 29 Jul 2008

Thieves who got away with 3,000 blank passports and visas worth around £2.5 million targeted the van as it stopped at a newsagent's, police have said.

The two unarmed thieves assaulted a security officer before driving off in the van in Oldham on 28 July.

Surely with something this important they should be moved under tighter security?

  Seth Haniel 15:15 29 Jul 2008

£833.33 per passport/visa :0

  bstb3 15:41 29 Jul 2008

well, £2.5million is what they will be claiming on the insurance...

  spuds 18:14 29 Jul 2008

Fell off the back of a looorry guv.

The rates for forged passports have just took a downward turn!.

  laurie53 20:14 29 Jul 2008

British passports are worth a lot more than £833.

I've been offered over £1500 for mine.

  Monoux 21:41 29 Jul 2008

I thought yesterday it was being said that the passports were worthless / useless because of security markings.

  wee eddie 21:44 29 Jul 2008

They say that the Passports are valueless with out the information on them.

They seem to be under the impression that the Dark Side is so thick that it will be unable to solve that little problem.

My own worry is that with the blanks they will be able clone real Passports with the critical differences altered to suit it's recipient.

  Forum Editor 22:30 29 Jul 2008

to be a perfectly simple thing to design a blank passport document that could contain a unique identity marker. Then, if a batch, or single passport was stolen it could be invalidated at all UK and international ports of entry.

It would require all immigration authorities to agree to conform to an international standard in terms of passport scanning procedures, and would need a system of database servers, but if VISA can do it with credit cards the international community could do it with passports.

It wouldn't stop passport forgeries, but it would seriously hamper those who set out to beat the system.

  laurie53 07:43 30 Jul 2008

The use of passports at ports and airports is now only a very minor part of their function.

They are now widely used domestically as acceptable identity documents, and these stolen ones, with or without data, will be invaluable to the ungodly.

Their use in money laundering will be immense.

  Seth Haniel 08:37 30 Jul 2008

across the channel by coach - I have just had to held my passport up - not open - just so they saw you had one - could have been blank inside for all they knew.

should have had Mission Impossible to design them - this passport will self distruct in 10 seconds ;)

  Seth Haniel 09:56 31 Jul 2008

A man is being questioned in connection with the theft of 3,000 blank passports and visas worth about £2.5m from a security van in Oldham.

It follows an attack on a security officer after he stopped at a newsagents shop on 28 July.

Police said a 48-year-old man from Oldham was arrested on Thursday morning in connection with the theft.

The Foreign Office has said there was a serious breach of security over the loss of the documents.

A statement from Greater manchester Police said: "A man from Oldham was arrested this morning on suspicion of conspiracy to commit robbery and is currently in police custody."

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