Stocking Up

  morddwyd 10:01 28 Dec 2010

Local paper reports that supermarkets are busy with people stocking up for New Year.

For Heaven's Sake!

  dagbladet 11:30 28 Dec 2010

Also predicted that people will bang on about it ad nauseam on social forum boards as if it's a new thing.

  Quickbeam 11:57 28 Dec 2010

I haven't finished the Christmas fayre yet.

  OTT_B 12:05 28 Dec 2010

I started stocking up for next Christmas yesterday - Turkeys were half price in the supermarket!

  Quiller. 12:54 28 Dec 2010

Ah! But are you the social type.
We had drinks and nibbles for around 20 on *mas eve.
Family of 12 around for *mas day.
Boxing day as sons family.

Had to pop out for some milk this morning. That should tide us over till new year. ;-)

We did go to Ikea yesterday, twice and shall be popping there again this afternoon.

  Legolas 14:10 28 Dec 2010

The only reason we won't be stocking up for new year is that we will not have everyone over then. We had 20 over on Boxing Day, brothers, sisters, in laws, nieces, nephews etc. They had a good feed so for new year only need the basics.

  spuds 16:20 28 Dec 2010

Perhaps an expensive shopping trip?.

I don't know how Ikea car parking regulations are, but if you travel there by car, it might pay to read the signs.

In my location, we have had two people who have brought to the publics attention, the parking regulations at B&Q plus Aldi (there might be other stores, working on the same regulations?).

Both these people received 'fines' in the post from a private company acting as agents for the two mentioned companies. Apparently the offence was one of returning back to the store within the 2/3 hour non-return limit. On both occasions, the people returned before the regulation return limit for extra items, and received 'fines' for doing so?.

B&Q plus Aldi management apparently didn't want to know, and referred the matter back to their agents.

  peter99co 16:46 28 Dec 2010

Always some low life making a quick buck. Makes you wonder why these companies use 'Agents'

Who makes up these rules and you can bet they are not to well displayed.

  dagbladet 17:56 28 Dec 2010

Ah that'll be my brother. He is a low life who makes a quick buck like this. He designs and builds many car-parks for major shopping centre's and hospitals. He then administers the invisible signage and never-working ticket machines and employs the people who either sit in the little booths ignoring folk, or wander around looking for particularly vulnerable people like the old and infirm and slaps tickets on their cars. Strangely, regardless of his underhand unscrupulous methods, major projects and many City, Borough and County Councils continue to retain him to carry out this work.

"Who makes up these rules"

The people who want the car-park. If they just want him to build 4000 spaces which are free that's what they get. If they want to charge, that's what they get.

  Forum Editor 23:29 28 Dec 2010

How convenient it is for large stores to engage the services of specialists to run their car-parks, and then abdicate all responsibility when there's a problem.

The truth, of course is that the owners of the car-park(or their agents)cannot legally fine anyone for anything. They may take action to recover their loss if they charge for the car-park and someone fails to pay, but that's as far as they can go.

Letters like these, asking for payments of fines can go straight in the bin.

  dagbladet 00:40 29 Dec 2010

"How convenient it is for large stores to engage the services of specialists to run their car-parks, and then abdicate all responsibility when there's a problem."

It's not just convenience. In the case of 'Acme PC Nation' for instance. They specialise in selling computery stuff. They are not perhaps so great at actually building the store, plumbing the bogs or running the carpark. If the store is near a main-line rail station they want to ensure that their customers can actually access the shop and the car park is not blocked all day by commuters. So rather than drag Malcolm and Jennifer of 'Software' to mend a broken drain, or design and control their car-park they consider retaining people that actually do that for a living. Just an example.

The Olympic contract is mammoth BTW.

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