Still one week to go...

  Mike D 10:53 04 Jun 2010

...and I'm already suffering from World Cup overload. This may be treasonable in some folks' eyes, but I will glad when the whole damn thing is over.

  Armchair 11:00 04 Jun 2010

Rats tot hat. Wish it had started yesterday. Looking forward to it. How are you suffering from overload, anyway? A few flags on cars, news items, and the occasional football programme on tv? Does that really bother you?

  Mike D 11:05 04 Jun 2010

If it had started yesterday at least it would be overf sooner. Besides every break on ITV including reference to the Tournament, I work with kids and they are unable to focus on anything else.
Bah, humbug!

  Forum Editor 11:10 04 Jun 2010

and if you're not interested in football I suppose it can be irritating.

It will happen when Wimbledon starts, and if you think this is enough, wait until the Olympics draw nearer.

Resign yourself to it, there's nothing you can do.

  Noldi 11:15 04 Jun 2010

One of my employees goes in to Hospital a week on Monday for a small operation and then has to stay at home for 2 weeks ???? Do I smell a rat, did he make the Hospital appointment to coincide ????.


  dms_05 11:30 04 Jun 2010

It's Wimbledon I object to. It's not that I don't like tennis BUT I do object to it completely dominating the BBC's output for 2 weeks. I'd always thought digital TV would bring choice, after all the BBC has many digital outlets, but the BBC make the fundamental mistake of simply showing a lot more tennis rather than supplying a genuine choice for those not interested in Wimbledon. How many people actually want to watch the game on Court 1247?

  Quickbeam 11:49 04 Jun 2010

Buy a BIG book...

  ronalddonald 11:58 04 Jun 2010

collect this cards from tescos and morrisons

  ronalddonald 12:36 04 Jun 2010

who have you placed your bets on then

  Joseph Kerr 13:10 04 Jun 2010

I agree Mike D, but the FE is right, especially regarding the Olympics because, when it is all over, we will rue(?) the day we ever hosted it. We cant do that yet, as it isnt over and we need to remain blinkeredly optimistic about the money we're wasting until it is.

I may be something of a hypocrite as i may try to go and see some of the paralympics.

  Joseph Kerr 13:15 04 Jun 2010

I agree with the points about channel shifting and dominance too (mostly, though i can see why they continue to show matches beyond the allotted time), but i really hate it when we have to leave my 5 live progs because someone has got a wicket. it isnt a sports show, and i dont care, ok?! And ive got some great ideas as to what they could do with their wickets once theyve got them...

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