Still a gender pay gap in UK

  Cymro. 12:37 06 Jan 2018

BBC link

So does anyone fancy justifying this then? Personally there is no justification as women merit as much wages as men.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:38 06 Jan 2018

two questions?

Are women more prepared to take lower paid jobs than men?

Are the companies employing women rather than men in the lower paid jobs?

  wee eddie 15:44 06 Jan 2018

Are women better at some jobs than men? ~ Yes.

Are they paid less than men for those jobs? ~ It is unlikely that a man would be offered the job

  Forum Editor 17:25 06 Jan 2018

Both of my daughters have salaried roles in their companies, and they are paid just the same as men in similar positions.

I think the problems mainly lie in the hourly-paid sector of the employment market.

  oresome 17:26 06 Jan 2018

Within the law, employers pay what they must to attract the quality of staff that they need.

Many women take career breaks to raise families and continue to be the main homemaker after returning to work. They may value other aspects of employment over and above absolute pay.

Being able to take time off for a sick child, part time hours, no overnight travel etc., such that many women accept jobs that are well below their capabilities and employers have no trouble filling these positions with quality staff at the lower end of the wage scale.

  john bunyan 17:30 06 Jan 2018

In companies such as Flybe, until more than a small percentage of pilots are women, the pay gap is bound to be large between men an women as the latter are mainly cabin staff whereas the pilots are mostly men. It is clear that women and men should be paid the same for the same job. This was the case in the multinational I worked in after leaving the services.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:16 06 Jan 2018

This ts why its called "gender" pay gap rather than "equal" pay gap. I think oresome's comments are spot on.

Women are a much hardier group and probably not as lazy so would considered and take jobs that a lot of men wouldn't tolerate.

You wouldn't get me on a supermarket checkout dealing with surly and ignorant customers for love or money, I probably wouldn't last five minutes. :0(

  bumpkin 21:22 06 Jan 2018

You wouldn't get me on a supermarket checkout dealing with surly and ignorant customers

Then be a little more polite the next time you go shopping:-)

  Govan1x 22:54 07 Jan 2018

This on the news tonight. BBC’s China editor Carrie Gracie resigns in gender pay row

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  Govan1x 09:57 08 Jan 2018

11 football players in a team and none gets the same wages.So maybe the same in business.

Mind you maybe if they were all payed the same they might play better.

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