Steganos Internet - Oct Covermount

  Diggory 20:26 08 Sep 2004

Have installed ver 6 from Oct Covermount CD. Have registered & received serial key code via email - all seems to work ok. Only thing is I seem to have to re-enter the key code every time I launch. Real pain for multiple user accounts - anyone else found this ?


  €dstowe 20:31 08 Sep 2004

I would never use Steganos again following it forgetting its password and thus prevented me accessing what was in it. And yes it was the program that forgot the password, not me.

Any behaviour such as you are experiencing would put me off immediately. Don't store anything valuable in it without having a secondary file somewhere.

  Diggory 00:29 09 Sep 2004

Yep would agree that this does not inspire confidence but wondered if it was something to do with it being a covermount. I wanted to find out if others had found the same – you could be cynical and guess that if this version is potentially useful but a pain to use you may be more inclined to upgrade and buy. Should have said that the covermount was only for the Internet Trace Destructor so does not inc the data safe & anon browser.

  €dstowe 09:06 09 Sep 2004

If I had concerns about destroying my Internet actions, I would want something more reliable than a free magazine cover program to do it.

It strikes me as one of those totally unnecessary program that claims to do a lot of stuff for little or no purpose.

Don't worry about anyone looking out for and checking your Internet visits, they're just not interested.

Don't get involved in these panicware programs. They are not worth the money - even if they're free.

  Diggory 19:58 12 Sep 2004

Ummmm - am I the only one that loaded this !


  It's Me 20:23 12 Sep 2004

I've tried all sorts of Steganos Software, both free and twice, in a mad moment, bought, and I find that I simply cannot cope with it. For a short while all seems fine and dandy, and then it all goes haywire.

Not that that is the slightest bit of help in this case of course

  Diggory 22:19 12 Sep 2004

Ooooo-er detecting a bit of bad vibe - think next thing to try may be un-install :-(

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