Stealing Wi-fi?

  finlay.mitchel 18:57 13 Mar 2008

The media is making darn sure 'free Wi-fi' does not get off the ground. Individuals are being scare-mongered in my opinion.

Okay the reasons are solid enough, pedo's might download porn, cybercriminals might steal your bank details, somebody might use up your monthly Gig allowance and you might get stung with a large bill.

But aren't there other ways around these problems? Isn't it the 'prevailing attitude' that decides our individual opinions?

We as a society should be incouraging sharing our resources to make everything more efficient and less wasteful.

What do you think? Are you content with UK consumerism?

  Forum Editor 19:08 13 Mar 2008

1. "Individuals are being scare-mongered in my opinion."

2. "Okay the reasons are solid enough"

Spot a contradiction anywhere? Make your mind up - on the one hand you scathingly accuse 'the media' of scaremongering, and in the next breath you say that the reasons are solid.

Quite what all that has to do with being content (or otherwise) with UK consumerism is beyond me.

  lisa02 19:31 13 Mar 2008

I've typed 2 responses so far and deleted both.

All I want to say now is...

You seem to be fixated with this free wifi thing. It's a no go - get over it.

It's not needed and quite frankly public money is better spent on the NHS and in Schools for example.

PS. stealing WiFi is illegal, don't access someone else's network without permission!

  lotvic 19:45 13 Mar 2008

IMHO I'm scared, I think I am going to need a double click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:02 13 Mar 2008

Wetherspoons has free Wi-Fi so meh.


  Forum Editor 20:34 13 Mar 2008

has been available in Upper street, Islington for a long time. It covers a mile of the road, and I use it often.

In 2006 Norwich launched what was then the biggest free WiFi network in the country.

Almost every McDonalds restaurant has free WiFi.

Anyone with a T-Mobile Web n' walk plan has free access to any of the company's WiFi hotspots.

All passengers on the East coast main-line (London to Scotland) service have had free WiFi access since last December. It used to be available only to passengers in first-class, but now everyone gets it.

  Clapton is God 20:36 13 Mar 2008

"Wetherspoons has free Wi-Fi"

But you don't go to Wetherspoons to enjoy the free Wi-Fi; you go to enjoy the excellent choice of real ale at cheap prices.

  lotvic 20:37 13 Mar 2008

no need to steal anything

  finlay.mitchel 20:48 13 Mar 2008

MacDonald's is one of the most expensive WI-fi networks anywhere. They used to do 30mins free but they don't anymore.

My point was that attitude has a lot to do with it. The media is doing a good job of stigmatizing 'free Wi-fi'. Tonight it was on the news again and again they mentioned pedos.

Its like when they report on drugs and show lovelly pictures of cannibis plants. They know people prick up their ears when they hear 'porn' or something.

Doesn't Spain have a different attitude towards Wi-fi networks? Don't they actively encourage it? They're big on sharing full stop. Like at meal times. We could take a leaf out of their book.

  Clapton is God 20:49 13 Mar 2008

"We could take a leaf out of their book."

Or move there, if you're that much of a fan

  interzone55 21:31 13 Mar 2008

"F.E. your totally incorrect

MacDonald's is one of the most expensive WI-fi networks anywhere. They used to do 30mins free but they don't anymore."

Well I'm afraid to say that it is in fact you who is totally incorrect

click here

Also you are is shorted to you're and in your first post you spelt encouraging wrong as well (incouraging) I suggest you check your facts & spelling before posting in future

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