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Statins - a good or bad thing ?

  flycatcher1 20:20 27 Oct 2014

I have been asked to make an appointment to see my Doctor to discuss the prescribing of Statins.

I have read of many side affects and Doctors with valued opinions appear to dismiss there use except in extreme situations. eg after a heart attack or when Cholesterol are extremely high. These factors do not apply to me my Ch. reading is 4.9.

Any advice or information on the subject would be appreciated ?

  spuds 10:00 01 Nov 2014

Talking about additions in products, perhaps we need to look no further that fluoride and the outcry that brought, when adding fluoride was first suggested.

I wonder how many people even bother to think about that subject nowadays, or still complain about what fluoride will do to people, and the harm it might cause.

Personally for me, trying to read an ingredient's label is more confusing, but I expect its alright, because some official body as approved the contents or substances being produced for human beings. Excluding the likes of horse meat in wrongly labelled products!.

  morddwyd 18:43 01 Nov 2014

HB is just stirring it up.

Fluoride is not added in Scotland (nor is water privatised)!

  Forum Editor 19:07 01 Nov 2014


"Fluoride is not added in Scotland"

Perhaps HB (and some others) don't realise that it is only added to water in a very few places in England. Most of us don't get any in our water.

Adding Fluoride to water supplies is still a controversial issue, despite the fact that in countries where it is widespread, such as the United States – where 70 per cent of the population drinks fluoridated water – Australia and New Zealand, dental health is far superior to this country’s.

Children in Manchester, where water is not fluoridated, are twice as likely to have tooth decay as those in Birmingham, where it is added. In fluoridated areas, 45 per cent fewer children aged one to four are admitted to hospital for any reason.

Nevertheless, the debate rages on. One of the problems raised as a reason for not adding it is the one highlighted by BT - dosage has to be scrupulously controlled.

  morddwyd 07:31 02 Nov 2014

And if we run out of points on fluoride we can always start on folic acid in flour!

  sunnystaines 09:34 03 Nov 2014

fluoride is a waste product of aluminium industry and rumers it is linked to dementia and cancer.

  spuds 09:46 03 Nov 2014


I could be wrong, but there is probably no substance on earth that is not considered good or bad by some people, and that includes 'experts'.

The problem is, that most people haven't a clue what their body takes in on a daily basis. its only when things appear to go wrong, that alarm bells start ringing. And by that time, it might be to late for most of us to worry.

For one example, how much negatives or positives are stated about teeth fillings. The internet is awash with varied statements from various sources. Here's one click here

  flycatcher1 10:27 03 Nov 2014

There has been advice on this topic to take the advice of the Medical Profession. I find this difficult when the Medics are split on the benefits of Statins and I read that Doctors receive a financial benefit from prescribing the drug.

  spuds 10:51 03 Nov 2014


"I find this difficult when the Medics are split on the benefits".

Which possibly goes to prove that not all medics know everything, or even have the time to follow through on new advice.

Only the other week, I was having a medication review with a new GP to the practice I use. He changed some of the medication with the aid of the hospital consultant's, "due to new guidelines being issued". I had very little say in the matter, but what I do know, is that when medics disagree they usually write their letter to each other in a "respectfully" way.

  flycatcher1 19:00 14 Nov 2014

I had an appointment with my Doctor today and have accepted a course of Statins 10mg. Apparently I have a 40% chance of a stroke or heart attack in the next ten years. Lasting another ten years may be a problem.

Time will tell but I will be on the lookout for side effects but the experiences of some Forum Members and a trusted Dispenser did affect my decision.

  morddwyd 19:45 14 Nov 2014

Just remember, side effects are not compulsory!

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