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Statins - a good or bad thing ?

  flycatcher1 20:20 27 Oct 2014

I have been asked to make an appointment to see my Doctor to discuss the prescribing of Statins.

I have read of many side affects and Doctors with valued opinions appear to dismiss there use except in extreme situations. eg after a heart attack or when Cholesterol are extremely high. These factors do not apply to me my Ch. reading is 4.9.

Any advice or information on the subject would be appreciated ?

  morddwyd 09:18 28 Oct 2014

"It was 8.4"

Ye Gods!

  carver 09:29 28 Oct 2014

Do NOT listen to any one on this site about what is good or bad ABOUT ANY MEDICATION, and that is with no disrespect to any member.

We are not medically trained we have no idea about your need for Statins or what may happen if you take or do not take them.

It is up to you to talk to your GP about the possible side effects of any medication.

What I can say is that I needed them as my cholesterol level was 9 and my blood suger was 23 six months after stopping smoking 3 years ago, best part is I stopped smoking partly because at a GP check up all blood rests came came back as perfectectly normal.

Talk to you doctor he is the one who knows you best and your medical history.

  spuds 09:47 28 Oct 2014

Off subject, but I notice over the past twelve months the talk by the profession of increase with diabetes, and how some people might be borderline cases without realising it.

On my visits to hospital's, this is sometimes discussed, with an occasional test being conducted. My own GP practice does these test routinely every twelve now.

  wee eddie 10:20 28 Oct 2014

I would like to take Carver to task on this one.

In general, he is right, in that no one should take any medication except on the recommendation of their GP or Specialist.

However, here, we are discussing the effects of a Drug that we have been prescribed and I can see no harm in such a conversation. In fact, as I pointed out in my earlier post, I had noticed an effect that was not in the rule book but which was confirmed by another Poster.

It is also interesting to hear the experiences of others. For example: When your GP, with a look of horror on his/her face says, "Your Cholesterol is 5.1 (or whatever), we tend to accept that this is a 'high' figure. Whereas, we have found that it is not. That does not remove the fact that we should reduce it, for the purposes of our health and longevity, but it does reduce one's GP's Shamanistic role.

  carver 11:07 28 Oct 2014

wee eddie you can take me to task all you want it still doesn't alter the fact that we are talking about some one who has been to see their GP and been advised to take statins.

We do not know flycatcher1 past medical history AND nobody on this site is a certified MD.

You can say that you take them and you can give details of any problems but that does not mean that they will apply to anybody else.

Problems occur in roughly 1 in a 1000 cases and that's low and compared to having heart problems later in life.

flycatcher1 go to your GP tell him your concerns and ask why he wants you to take them, he is the person to talk to about your health, are you over weight, do you smoke, eat crap food, drink a lot, do not exercise.

  March Hare 11:45 28 Oct 2014

I was prescribed statins five years ago, following a stroke, initially Simvastatin then Pravastatin, as my diet included grapefruit. Cholesterol reduced from 7, now 4 to 5. No side effects that I could detect.

  sunnystaines 12:44 28 Oct 2014

knew some one had high colestrol, had a TIA so he stopped eating bi boys greasy breakfasts. then one day saw that he ws eating them. he said its ok now i am on statins.

most people i know who had them gave up with weakness in limbs.

  caccy 15:14 28 Oct 2014

Would a doctor recomend statins if he was not getting paid to promote them?

However it is a personal choice whether you take them or not. I'm conducting my own trial on cholestrol reduction. I read that if you have an apple a day it will lower it.

Over two years my level has fallen (1 b*dy apple a day for 9 months of the year for 2 years.) I am now trying no apples and will see in May next year if it has gone up or down.

  morddwyd 20:00 28 Oct 2014

"Do NOT listen to any one on this site about what is good or bad ABOUT ANY MEDICATION, and that is with no disrespect to any member."

What utter tosh.

No-one is suggesting whether or not you should take them, simply detailing their own experiences.

Like strawberries, which can cause an allergic reaction, tea, which can cause flatulence, or ice cream, which can cause migraine, each individual is different.

  Forum Editor 22:31 28 Oct 2014

There's no harm in discussing your personal experiences with a particular medication, as long as everyone understands that's what it is - a personal experience, and not an endorsement, or a warning to avoid.

Your GP knows your specific medical history, and you either accept his/her advice, or you don't. Personally I think it would be a rash move to reject advice from a doctor over such an important issue.

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