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Statins - a good or bad thing ?

  flycatcher1 20:20 27 Oct 2014

I have been asked to make an appointment to see my Doctor to discuss the prescribing of Statins.

I have read of many side affects and Doctors with valued opinions appear to dismiss there use except in extreme situations. eg after a heart attack or when Cholesterol are extremely high. These factors do not apply to me my Ch. reading is 4.9.

Any advice or information on the subject would be appreciated ?

  morddwyd 20:40 27 Oct 2014

I have been taking then for ten years or so. The only side effects I have had have been beneficial.

Far from the widely reported muscle and joint pain they eased my osteo-arthritis considerably.

When I was first prescribed them I could hardly walk. Within 48 hours I was moving much easier, and within a week I had dug up and moved an apple tree!

I'm firmly in the "wonder-drug" camp.

  Aitchbee 21:17 27 Oct 2014

I had been prescribed a-statin-a-day [by my doctor] for about eight years but was then stopped suddenly about 18 months ago ... diclofenic was also stopped after having been on 'em for about 15 years - 'cos 'there might be bad 'side-effects'.

If you asked me, my personal opinion is that it's just a cost-cutting-exercise involving the GP's and government just wishing to save-a-buck!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:30 27 Oct 2014

My cholesterol was said to be bordering on high - take one of those yogurt drink things daily (helps to wash the other pills down) now its down to reasonable readings.

  Al94 21:36 27 Oct 2014

12 years on them and no side effects. Cholesterol now 3.8

  Aitchbee 21:40 27 Oct 2014

... slightly off subject, but I heard on the radio today that 'cos of all the anti-depressants [used by us] that are indirectly passed thru' [the usual channels] and make their way to the natural water-ways that wild birds drink from - the birds' behaviours have changed in detrimental ways. The birds affected are so laid-back that they 'skip' their normal breakfasts of worms etc ... and risk dying of hunger, especially in the winter months.

  flycatcher1 22:43 27 Oct 2014

Thanks for all the useful comments. I have an open mind on the subject so I will see what my Doctor says. Good to hear, morddwyd, let us hope the relief continues.

Rumpelteazer We are on a sensible diet, any more sensible I cannot do.

A194 Good news, may I ask what the Ch. was 12 years ago ?

Fruitbat we do have the drink daily - nice enough but a bit costly.

  Al94 23:53 27 Oct 2014

It was 8.4

  spuds 00:46 28 Oct 2014

If you are going onto Simvastatin, then your GP or consultant might need to change other medication that you are on, but this should be explained in any reviews.

I am on a number of various prescribed drugs, and recently I was put back on a daily dose of Clopidogrel 75mg, and the usual Simvastatin 40mg was reduced to 20mg, plus Dispersible Aspirin 75mg was discontinued. My cholesterol level is usually around the 3.8 mark, but I undergo six month checks for this.

Like all drugs, there are certain precautions that need to be taken with satins, and the drinking of grapefruit juice seems to be one of them, because this can cause problems by increasing satins levels in your blood.

  wee eddie 00:48 28 Oct 2014

I started Simvastatin last Friday but I resisted for quite a while. Cholesterol 5.10 and Type 2 Diabetes.

So, too early to tell. Currently I'm in Morddwyd's camp.

  BT 08:43 28 Oct 2014

I've been taking Simvastatin for many years. Really don't know if I have any side effects as I already have most of the aches and pains that it is reputed to cause. My wife also has Statins but because she is on Warfarin as well she has to have a special type that doesn't affect the Warfarin.

Grapefruit has an effect on a number of medications including Blood Pressure drugs. Its usual effect is to increase the effect of the drug.

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