Stating the obvious does it anoy you

  mrgrumpy 13:47 04 Nov 2019

"Do you want a good hiding "… Yes please , btw you better give me another smack in case i do something bad later that you don't know about.

"If i have to tell you one more time" , followed 10 minutes later by the same person still saying "if i have to tell you one more time".

"Are you looking for trouble" …… of course i am !

"What part of no don't you understand" is it the F or the O.

Man stands directly in front of my wife in wheelchair then looks round and says " am i in your way".

Why do people say " cya later " , you wont be seeing me later unless i get food poisoning or you sell me something that breaks

  john bunyan 14:25 04 Nov 2019

Addressing a partner or a blind or wheelchair user “Does he take sugar?” A friend in that position said “I’m blind, not f*g deaf!”

  wee eddie 14:54 04 Nov 2019

Inappropriate Posting - FE told

  mrgrumpy 15:29 04 Nov 2019

Hi eddie not sure if you are reporting me or john.

if it is john then I support what he said.

In a hotel the owner asked how to make some new rooms adaptable , during the conversation I said I hate it when people talk over my wife and I foolishly gave the example of DOES SHE TAKE SUGAR. ….. It was a big mistake of using that as an example because for the rest of the stay the guy thought it funny to ask at every meal time "does she take sugar today".

With regards to "deaf" , many years ago I suddenly realised the optician was asking me the questions he should have been asking my wife. I asked him why he was not asking my wife these questions and I very subtly pointed out that it was only her legs that don't work , the rest of her is ok ! EGG ON FACE TIME.

  csqwared 16:10 04 Nov 2019

wee eddie



  john bunyan 16:50 04 Nov 2019

Some folk are would - be FE’s . Apologies to anyone offended!

  wee eddie 16:54 04 Nov 2019

It's the Title. It should read.

Stating the obvious. Does it annoy you?

I've joined the Grammar Police

  Govan1x 17:13 04 Nov 2019

I thought that it might have been the cut down version of swear words that was the problem.

Not that it bothers me but you do not see it on posts nowadays.

I think I must have lived a sheltered life.

  Dunk 18:40 04 Nov 2019

wee eddie

If a spelling error is now considered to be "inappropriate", then you are opening a can of worms!

How 'inappropriate' is your very own "Is Global Warming more frightening than?" - which, grammatically, makes absolutely no sense at all?

People in glass houses......etc!

  Pine Man 18:49 04 Nov 2019

Not another blindingly obvious aNoying postsurely!

  wee eddie 19:52 04 Nov 2019

Dunk, I agree. I forgot to put a space between the word "than" and the ?

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