Starting a new business looking for funding?

  Portal11 12:22 08 Dec 2015

Hi guys its been Quite a while since i have been on here i think maybe 3 years? i dont think i like this new format where is my profile so i can edit it please? Anyways there is lots of new people on here so a BIG hi!

I am trying to get funding for a new business i would like to start in my town where i just moved to which is Stamford,Lincs i was almost scammed out of £350 yesterday from a company online claiming they help people start new businesses but then wanted a "Membership fee" of £350 before you could get help from them & after reading the reviews online which where shocking i got rid of them, its left me really unstable and not sure to trust any companies anymore for help? i've asked the national lottery but they only offer grants to companies starting with multiple shared owners? i have tried the .Gov site and i dont think ive EVER had such a bad experience in trying to navigate around after spending an hour on it i came away with headache its just such a bad site to get a straight answer from so does anyone of you wonderful people know of a site/company that Doesnt need an upfront fee to help who can direct you to the correct funding sources please?

Many thanks :-)

  wee eddie 13:09 08 Dec 2015

Google "Crowd Funding", it could bring an opening for you.

Whichever route you chose, you will need to spend time creating a "Prospectus" and "Budget" for your new business partners.

My experience of writing a Prospectus and an Annual Budget for my Bank is that the Booker Prize Winners are really only on a "Starter for one"!

  Matt. 13:34 08 Dec 2015

Profile menu where I have indicated.

  spuds 15:18 08 Dec 2015

There are thousands of people looking for business funding, some collapse at the first obstacle, other attempt to carry on further, but whatever the route, it going to get difficult, unless you can really prove, you have what it takes, or appear so.

No point of thinking of good ideas, because again, thousands, if not millions have been there already.

Funding is available though still, but you will need to have a very good game plan or business plan available for those who might be willing to lend.

Here's a few links in your area, that might be able to help or advice from a simple Google search click here

  Portal11 17:36 08 Dec 2015

Thanks Spuds you always where a helping hand! ill have a look at them links cheers! Matt & WeeEddie again many thanks guys i really appreciate your time! :-)

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