Is this the start of sanity in society?

  johndrew 14:26 26 Aug 2008

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She was not arrested for false imprisonment, kidnap, assault on a child under the age of 16 or any of the reasons usually used by police to attack the victim of crime.

Maybe, just maybe, some common sense is starting to be applied in respect of the manner in which authorities (including the police and courts) pander to young thugs whose parents refuse to control them.

  mrwoowoo 15:22 26 Aug 2008

Unfortunately i believe the only reason that no charges were made against her is that the two yobs didn't make a complaint.
If they accused her of assault then the police would have had to caution her and investigate the matter.
I don't think it's the end of these silly counter accusations by a long chalk.
Still,fingers crossed.
Oh,and thanks for the link.It made a nice change.

  Picklefactory 15:42 26 Aug 2008

I'm with mrwoowoo here, pure luck IMO, unfortunately. I know I'm quite a cynical person, but I personally feel we've seen the last of plain common sense in these situations in general. Good for her though, and I'm glad she was lucky enough to grab a couple of less aggressive youths, another rarity in my experience. How many examples have we seen of people defending their property and challenging youths and ending up seriously hurt or dead.

  Forum Editor 16:06 26 Aug 2008

"any of the reasons usually used by police to attack the victim of crime" will be immediatelty deleted. If you can't make a point without resorting to silly emotive stuff like that it would be better not to post at all, especially as you obviously have no idea whatever about the complexities of policing, and of the frustrations ordinary police officers have to deal with on a daily basis.

Nobody likes having to investigate someone who was simply trying to protect his or her property, but if the law says that's what must be done, police officers have to do it.

  Forum Editor 17:37 26 Aug 2008

"ending up seriously hurt or dead"

Which is why the best course of action, particularly for a woman, is not to get personally involved. It's difficult to think rationally sometimes, particularly when your own property, or another person is being abused. The anger wells up, and it's tempting to have a go - I've done it myself. This lady was lucky, she could have ended up with a knife in her side, and she might have been in the news for an entirely different reason.

She didn't harm the boys involved in any way, and I'm sure that's the reason that neither of them complained - they were probably more scared of her than she was of them.

In notice her 40 year old boyfriend remained cosily in bed while all this was going one. No doubt he was asleep, and knew nothing of it.

  Si_L 18:33 26 Aug 2008

In notice her 40 year old boyfriend remained cosily in bed while all this was going one. No doubt he was asleep, and knew nothing of it.

Funny how you came to that conclusion when it says in the article:

Her boyfriend Richard King, 40, was called downstairs from bed to help ensure they did not escape until police arrived.

  lofty29 19:42 26 Aug 2008

maybe it was an unfortunate choice of words by johndrew, but that is the general perception by many of us when we hear time and agin that the victims are persecuted, and the criminals are let off scott free. maybe a better turn of phrase would be that "is misused under the law to protect the criminal"

  egapup 19:58 26 Aug 2008

Watching a factual police program the other night, a middle aged man, dressed in a suit, was extremely annoyed and worked up because some yougsters had driven by and thrown eggs all over him. The police masde no attempt to catch the yobs instead they arrested the man for using a few swear words.

  laurie53 20:24 26 Aug 2008

I note that this took place at 4.00 am and one of the yobs was 12 years old.

Surely the parent(s) should face some sort of social responsibility?

  Kaacee 20:26 26 Aug 2008

What i find incredible is that 2 kids ages 12 & 14 respectively are out causing problems at 04.00 in the morning, presumably with the consent of their parents.

  Si_L 12:40 27 Aug 2008

I doubt they had the consent of their parents. Sounds to me like more of a case of they can't be bothered to make sure their kids are not trashing cars etc. No parent would consent to this.

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