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the star and moon

  sunnystaines 19:47 26 Feb 2014

last night there was a cresent moon with a star by it like in the turkish flag. what was the star?

i put google sky on but the moon never showed on it.

  BRYNIT 20:04 26 Feb 2014

This may help CLICK HERE Picture to top right.

  namtas 20:05 26 Feb 2014

I saw this this morning, I could not sleep and was up at 5am, the moon had just risen above the horizon. I didn't quite know what to make of it and first as the sky in the east was very light with a reddish tinge and these two super bright light were partly hidden by tree. It was rising pretty fast and I then saw that is was a crescent moon but the star just slightly above and the the right was so bright it was amazing. I went to get Binoculars and when I can back 5 minutes later cloud had completely covered everything, it really was unusual and it would be interesting to know what the star was

  wee eddie 22:17 26 Feb 2014

I think that it's a satellite

  BRYNIT 22:30 26 Feb 2014

From my previous link and further photo's CLICK HERE the star was Venus

  sunnystaines 03:48 27 Feb 2014

brynit spot on that was it. thanks evryone for replies.

Namtas same here too.

  Forum Editor 13:34 27 Feb 2014

Had you been looking at the moon last September you might have seen another bright light as half a tonne of meteorite impacted at 38,000 miles an hour.

  Aitchbee 20:01 04 Mar 2014

Tonight's visible crescent [of the moon] now appears on the RHS of it's edge. How come?

  Aitchbee 14:21 05 Mar 2014

Cheers, Haggard. I do miss Patrick Moore ... he was a pure 'lunatic' and always 'spot on' when explaining anything about the Moon!

PS. I hope John Culshaw [the impersonator] steps into his shoes on 'Sky at Night' ;o]

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