pdxxtqhf 15:15 25 Mar 2006

Over the past few months there have items in the media about how much power is being wasted by electrical equipment in homes left on standbye.

Today the BBC ran an item about how these thing cost and how much they added to pollution levels, If my TV, Video and Freeview box are so bad then how much worse are all the high streets in the country.

The lights in the front windows(tm) burn all night long. Why?

Lights in office blocks in every city burn all night. Why?

Every time a scare comes along it is never the big companys that are targeted it is the individual that is made to feel in the wrong.

  pj123 17:14 25 Mar 2006

pdxxtqhf, have you checked the Government buildings? Same there as well.

There doesn't seem much point to me for a small country like the UK to impose restrictions on it's citizens when the rest of the world is not bothered, especially the USA.

Take the latest Car Tax increases/decreases in the recent budget. We have very few "gas guzzlers" in the UK compared with almost every car in the USA.

  spuds 18:19 25 Mar 2006

It's a bit like the water boards complaining about peoples usage and wastage. Have you seen the latest reports concerning water leakages through lack of maintenance by the water boards on their own equipment!.

  TonyV 20:17 25 Mar 2006

The other silly thing about this "Standby" problem is that if you switch off a goodly number of these devices in any household, when you want to use them again you will nearly always have to reset the things! I can image everyone doing that! Mine are left on since my savings would be such a small amount, as suggested above, compared to the major companies/government buildings that leave lights, heating systems and air-conditioning systems running as if their life depended on them!

All this business is about trying to save money so that Gordon, in his infinite wisdom, will then be able to tax us even further, knowing that we have saved money that he wants! As mentioned above, his tax changes on the gas-guzzlers is actually biting at any number of normal motorists who have the likes of a Mondeo, Peugeot or Rover etc. because their RFT has gone up to £190 from £165. Even mine has gone up by that amount and mine is a Rover 75. This ultimately means that now, should we try and get a better emissions figure car, our cars will be lowered in the part-exchange value because no one will now want to buy a "mucky" car in a part-exchange deal!!

It goes on ad nauseam!


  pc_sausage 20:23 25 Mar 2006

I've got one of these - helps avoiding turning plugs / switches off etc

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