Stair Lifts

  Ancient Learner 20:39 29 Mar 2007

I hope you won't mind my somewhat unrelated question; this is the only place I trust to obtain a decent opinion.

My COPD (breathlessness) is now making our staircase very difficult for me to cope with, and the obvious answer is a Stair Lift.

Trouble is I've heard some horror stories of problems with suppliers, and more particularly I would like some idea of their cost before I even start approaching any possible supplier.

I occurs to me that there is likely to be some here who have already trodden this path and wouldn't mind sharing their experience.

  skidzy 20:50 29 Mar 2007

First thing that springs to the stair lift in the film Gremlins...sorry cheap joke :-)

Does this link help click here

  sunny staines 20:56 29 Mar 2007

contact one of the big disability org's for advice try stroke association in google and ring them, avoid non recommed ads lots of cowboys out there.

  Ho-Lin-Sok 20:56 29 Mar 2007

You might consider a second hand system, the ladies next door got one and still get it serviced if there is a problem. I am not sure of the cost but there was a saving. They don't appear to have much trouble with it apart from the sedate rate of traversion.

  oresome 21:06 29 Mar 2007

A relative who has recently died had one for the last year of his life.

I will try and enquire how much it cost. I do know it was rented and not purchased outright. When the time came to take it out, the firm couldn't come for a few weeks and rent had to be paid on the empty flat until it was removed.

  martytoon 21:26 29 Mar 2007

Have you tried your local council? They will have had lots of experience of making adaptations to homes and may be willing to offer some guidance. In addition, depending on your individual circumstances, there maybe a grant available to part fund the cost. Again, your local council should be able to advise.

  Pamy 21:49 29 Mar 2007

I think Age concern are the people to contact

  oresome 22:11 29 Mar 2007

Social Services at your local council can advise and install a number of devices to make life easier.

However, they work within budgets and even after a home visit assessment you can wait years for any action. My relative needed some of these things 5 years ago to make life easier, like a bath lift and door entry system yet some were only installed in the last few months of his life and will now have to be removed again at further cost.

This doesn't include the stair lift which was financed privately as there was no realistic chance of getting it through Social Services in a reasonable time frame.

  Phphred 22:48 29 Mar 2007

You should claim either "disability living allowance" if you are under 65 or "attendance allowance" over 65. Telephone 0800 882200 and they should tell you, in fact give you excellent advice. Once you have this there should be very little if anything to pay. Hope this helps.

  laurie53 12:51 30 Mar 2007

Don't think that Disability Allowance or similar will automatically entitle you to a stairlift. It depends on your local Social Services, and their relationship with your local NHS Trust.

My wife is on the high rate of DLA, and the high rate of Mobility Allowance.

Like oresome we still had to get our own stairlift, at a cost of around £3000, normal straight stair in a three bedroomed semi.

On average we have to call a service engineer about once a year.

Very expensive, but we must have it or my wife spends the rest of her life upstairs where the loo is

Good luck with Social Services


  €dstowe 13:32 30 Mar 2007

You should be able to get some advice from the hospital department or doctor/health care worker involved in your case.

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