Staffing a hospital ward at night

  Blackhat 23:39 17 Aug 2018

I am in a major Birmingham hospital with a fractured pelvis, I have been waiting 4 hours for an empty drip to be disconected before I go to bed. There is a lot of stored fluid in the tube. I am informed that there is no qualified nurse on the ward tonight, can they opperate without a single qualified nurse all night? If I turn in my sleep & loose the connection am I open to infection?

  Quickbeam 05:54 18 Aug 2018

That doesn't sound too good at all. Isn't there a legal requirement covering that?

  Blackhat 07:26 18 Aug 2018

Hi QB, there are only guidelines. I googled all night, my hospital has a 67% fill rate at night. Nurse came on at 6am. Never got to bed,still reporting from my chair. I will try and raise my concerns when I can find someone to talk to in confidence, here for another 2 weeks .

  Cymro. 10:43 18 Aug 2018

Blackhat I will try and raise my concerns when I can find someone to talk to in confidence, here for another 2 weeks . So make the most of your time there. Do your homework and list names of those involved get your facts right and find witnesses a photo or two may also be helpful. If we just let things like this go then nothing will ever get any better.

  lotvic 10:54 18 Aug 2018

"here for another 2 weeks" you have my sympathy (for all good that will do..) and well wishes for a speedy recovery.

  Blackhat 11:05 18 Aug 2018

Hi Cymro, I have a private meeting this weekend with the site manager responsible for nurse staffing, I will keep updating. Thank you all for your concerns.

  canarieslover 16:20 18 Aug 2018

Perhaps it's just a local problem as I have just spent a week in Basildon hospital with no problems whatsoever. With prostate problems I was calling for a bed bottle at no more than 90 minute intervals and never had to wait more than a couple of minutes. Not the best rated hospital in the country but I was happy there.

  bumpkin 20:31 18 Aug 2018

If I turn in my sleep & loose the connection am I open to infection?

If you mean a saline drip which I would think it is and it is empty and nobody will replace it then pull it out yourself and try to get some sleep if it is possible in a hospital. Bad sitituation I agree but no point in having something stuck in you arm that is not doing anything.

  Govan1x 22:08 18 Aug 2018

last time I was in Hospital I could hear this woman moaning all night.She was loosing blood and had to change her. Nurses were in and out all night with her.

The problem was they did not have a qualified doctor for that ward as I overheard two nurses talking about it in the morning.

That of course happened at the weekend.

It gives you no confidence to know that you have less chance of surviving at weekends if you have a life threatening illness while in hospital.

Now that is how bad it was so do not know if things have improved nowadays. but going with Blackhat obviously not.

  Blackhat 22:45 18 Aug 2018

click here Times]1 The link may be old but it's the best example I could find on the subject. If only 1 nurse requires a near miss clinical incident report what does zero require?

  Blackhat 22:50 18 Aug 2018

Cannot get link to work from my mobile, Google nursing times,can you run a ward with only 1 nurse.Nursing times

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