Staffed by Yazidis

  wee eddie 02:11 01 Sep 2014

Rather than stopping folk heading off to fight in the Middle East. Maybe we should staff a prison with Yazidi Warders and await their return

  spuds 09:29 01 Sep 2014

Human Rights?.

  Quickbeam 09:39 01 Sep 2014

That would be going down the same route as accepting Sharia law for those that don't want to accept established UK law.

We have our own UK law and punishment, and that should apply to all whether they approve of it or not.

  wee eddie 10:45 01 Sep 2014

I'm sure that all the Yazidi's are gentlemen.

But our gallant warriors would be expecting the Yazidis to behave as they did and spend the next few years in a state of fear.

I think that that would be adequate compensation for the fear that they have caused

  BillSers 11:02 01 Sep 2014

Human Rights?

Is it one-sided though?

  spuds 13:36 01 Sep 2014


It would seem so at times!.

  kad292 19:37 01 Sep 2014

We should not prevent them from going but arrest them and deport them to Syria or Iraq to face trial for crimes committed or conspiracy to commit crimes in those countries,death sentence or not.

Criminals only believe in Human Rights after they are caught.

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