Spybot Easter Egg!!!

  Major Disaster 12:44 20 Aug 2005

Did you know that whil running a search with spybot s&d if you click on the small binoculars icon, it plays a random (but funny) horse noise and opens a mini game!!!!!!

Just made me laugh, hoep it does to you all too

  pj123 14:19 20 Aug 2005

Don't tell me! I haven't seen an Easter Egg since my first installation of Excel in Windows version 3.1 which appeared to be a space ship orbiting the Earth.

Will give your offering a try.

  pj123 14:29 20 Aug 2005

Great! Sussed it. If you keep clicking on the very rightmost white square you end up with a picture of the "genetic code for this planet"

You know the one? The picture that was sent out into space in case someone out can talk to us.

  ROYSTERO 16:47 20 Aug 2005

Clicking on the binoculars on Spybot doesn't work for me.

  pj123 17:04 20 Aug 2005

Obviously not the correct binoculars. You must set Spybot to run and at the very top on the left of the words Search and Destroy is a very small Icon of binoculars. You click on that.

  wee eddie 17:42 20 Aug 2005

I have a magnifying glass at that point.

Maybe we have different versions.

  pj123 17:48 20 Aug 2005

wee eddie, no not a wind up. It is a genuine Easter Egg.

I just tried it again and you definitely get the picture of the "man with outstretched arms and legs etc...." If you keep hitting the rightmost white square you will get there. If there are two white squares in the same column pick the top one.

  mark2 18:09 20 Aug 2005

Works for me on V 1.4 :-)

  powerless 19:08 20 Aug 2005
  justme 19:48 20 Aug 2005

I'm with wee eddie, I only have a magnifying glass in that area :-((

  Major Disaster 20:16 20 Aug 2005

click here

just search for spybot search and destroy easter egg, it is there v1.4!

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