Spring is very early for some

  hssutton 14:35 29 Dec 2015

My flowering cherry has been in bloom since before Christmas. this tree normally blooms May time. My Black Tulip magnolia is also about to bloom as is the camellia. Weather patterns are totally screwed. Cherry blossom

  Forum Editor 09:42 30 Dec 2015

I saw hundreds of daffodils in flower in the Cotswolds over Christmas. There will probably be reports of cuckoos soon.

  morddwyd 08:33 31 Dec 2015

Noticed yesterday that I've still got two rose bushes in bloom.

Last year I had snowdrops and strawberry plants in bloom at the same time!

  flycatcher1 10:47 31 Dec 2015

Many. but not all, of the plants in our garden think that it is Spring. We have many types of snowdrops and one type bloomed over one month early but the ones that are normally first arrived as per normal. Our lawn is the best it has ever been in 33 years and looks a good colour but the drawback is that I have to keep cuttingthe damn stuff.

Many cars in the Cotswolds over Christmas even on Christmas Day itself, the road beween Witney and Winchcombe had nearly normal traffic but no lorries, dawdlers or tractors. Did not see you FE.

  Forum Editor 12:22 31 Dec 2015

"Did not see you FE."

I was here

  morddwyd 14:04 31 Dec 2015

Used to be full of Yanks, did Burford.

  Forum Editor 17:37 31 Dec 2015

But not any longer.

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