Spring is postponed - it's official!

  Quickbeam 20:03 23 Feb 2018

Unfortunately due to an overcrowded seasonal calendar, summer may have to be cancelled completely yet again...

'tis true... I read it here!

  Menzie 11:53 01 Mar 2018

Looks like the seasonal warmth was short-lived. We are expecting 15-25cm of snow tonight.

  iscanut 11:53 01 Mar 2018

I want to drive to Newcastle on M5 M42 Ma A1.. It is very difficult to get accurate info on state om motorways so if any of you live on or near this route, what do you think of my chances. Leaving Exeter on M5. Many thanks.

  Brumas 12:39 01 Mar 2018

Quickbeam, I told you the snow was really deep, can you not see the West Highland White Terrier in the middle of the road? ;o}}

  john bunyan 13:01 01 Mar 2018


See below for red warnings

Met Office Exeter

  john bunyan 13:05 01 Mar 2018

Also, plan your route here

Motorways check today

  wee eddie 13:38 01 Mar 2018

Last night, I took the Taxi off the road when the temperatures reached -5'C.

-6'C is, I believe, the temperature at which salted roads start to freeze

  john bunyan 15:10 01 Mar 2018

A granddaughter, boyfriend and dog booked , some time ago,a log cabin for this weekend in the Forest of Dean. All the travel advice is not to travel in that area (red warning, schools closed. She tried to get the company to agree a postponement but they said "If we are open" she will lose the money she had to pay in advance - the whole fee. I hope, using a mixture of persuasion and implying Small claims court they will relent. As usual their Terms and Conditions are in their favour. Any tips? Apparently the Facebook page for the company is alive with similar complaints. Is force majeure applicable?

  iscanut 18:49 01 Mar 2018

Thanks got the links John, I think I may have to postpone !

  john bunyan 19:12 01 Mar 2018


Very wise!

  morddwyd 09:44 03 Mar 2018

Spring is back on again; the thaw has started here.

Why all the fuss about sleeping in the train luggage rack? Such behaviour was perfectly normal for servicemen in the 30s, as was removing the light bulb.

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