Spring is postponed - it's official!

  Quickbeam 20:03 23 Feb 2018

Unfortunately due to an overcrowded seasonal calendar, summer may have to be cancelled completely yet again...

'tis true... I read it here!

  amonra 14:26 27 Feb 2018

BBC staff desperately try to hype up the news stories all morning, desperate for ANYONE to phone in with a snow related accident. Got to be a news story somewhere ...............

  canarieslover 09:37 28 Feb 2018

The Beast crept in under cover of darkness so that the snow shovel didn't see it. Deposited about 3" and got away before it got light. I put the shovel to use for a while but my friend the Sun came out and began doing the job better than me. I think all local schools are closed but I can remember much more snow than this when I was at junior school,mid 1950's, and we still had to go. Crates of milk by the fire with the foil lids popped off by the mini iceberg that formed in the bottle. Slides across the playground and snowball fights at lunch time, the children nowadays don't know what they are missing. Nostalgia makes you forget the frozen fingers and, worse still, the chapped legs because juniors were expected to wear short trousers all year round. Ah, memories!!

  Aitchbee 17:07 28 Feb 2018

I reckon I could make several decent-sized Snowmen from the steady accumulation of snow in my verandah. It's deep and crisp and even.

  morddwyd 19:58 28 Feb 2018

It's not a Siberian storm or an Arctic blizzard even a spell of severe winter weather.

It's an "unprecedented snow event" (BBC News tonight).

Why do they dream up this gobbledegook?

  bumpkin 20:33 28 Feb 2018

Why do they dream up this gobbledegook?

They get paid a lot of money hence the pending increase in the licence fee.

  Brumas 21:30 28 Feb 2018

Well, it's bloomin cold here and the snow doesn't look like stopping, roll on summer !

You'll have to excuse the poor picture, wind was blowing snow in my face and I'm no David Bailey at the best of times.

The middle of Belford

  Quickbeam 05:21 01 Mar 2018

Event the dogs are too wise to stay on the street Brumas!

  morddwyd 07:43 01 Mar 2018

I'm right in the middle of this so-called red zone and haven't even had enough to cover the garden path.

  john bunyan 09:03 01 Mar 2018

This is a doddle compared with 1947 , went to school even though no heating and milk frozen with white columns sticking up from bottles. Google images of your area for winter of 1947. One example


  morddwyd 10:20 01 Mar 2018

Even in 62 the sea was frozen at Newquay.

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