Spring is postponed - it's official!

  Quickbeam 20:03 23 Feb 2018

Unfortunately due to an overcrowded seasonal calendar, summer may have to be cancelled completely yet again...

'tis true... I read it here!

  Forum Editor 15:01 25 Feb 2018

My Camellias have decided to go for it, and are a mass of pink blossom.

  canarieslover 13:24 26 Feb 2018

Some snow flurries in Essex this morning so I struggled to get to the back of the shed to get my snow shovel out. That is usually enough to deter further snow so perhaps I should have got it out yesterday and then I wouldn't have needed it today!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:06 26 Feb 2018

Plenty of snow flurries comming down the M1 from Leeds but the onlt placed its settled so far is Tibshelf services

  Devil Fish 00:35 27 Feb 2018

Out in the yard working in T shirt today i fear thecountry is getting soft what happened to the rolll your sleeves up and get on with it mentality or have we become scared of a snowflake.

  Menzie 01:41 27 Feb 2018

Health and Safety happened.

I remember when I was back in the UK and there was a snowstorm. Only about 25% of my coworkers made it in that day.

  Quickbeam 06:18 27 Feb 2018

I'm seriously underwhelmed... I open the back door to a layer of snow that is only a quarter as thick as a good frost!

  Quickbeam 06:43 27 Feb 2018

It's looking like all the TV channels made the decision yesterday that the weather was going to be today's big story. They've deployed reporting units for early broadcasts and are all showing slow moving traffic on roads that would have slow moving traffic anyway, with a minimum of visible snowflakes, and are reporting on it as if it's the snowstorm of the millennium!!!


  canarieslover 08:50 27 Feb 2018

My snow shovel done it's job well. I left it leaning against the house and it scared The Beast fom the East away. Not a sign of snow here in SE Essex and the sun is shining brightly.

  morddwyd 10:17 27 Feb 2018

Health and Safety happened.

It has nothing to do with H&S. Even the simplest risk assessment will indicate that if it's winter and the ground is covered in white it is likely to be slippery and control measures should be implemented by those responsible for your safety, i.e. you. The only one required, and it's free, is "Take Care"

That is what I advised the 23,000 people, between eight and eighty, I was responsible for around October 1st every year.

None of my winter slip accidents was ever queried by HSE.

All of these OTT reactions you read about invariably come from jumped up jobsworth local Environmental Health Officers, who should stick to food safety and dog poo and leave the real world to real people.

  canarieslover 13:59 27 Feb 2018

Hear hear morddwyd - Exactly as it should be.

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