Spring Cleaning - Just had a stroke of luck

  wee eddie 14:24 17 May 2019

I had the Roofers in, clearing my gutters, and was I cleaning the back room, to look as though it was something I normally do on a Friday morning!

Anyway I opened the window and a gust of wind blew it right open and it swiped my NAS Drive, which fell onto the floor.

Luckily the floor is carpeted and that must have reduced the jolt. Panic, I expected a very expensive bill.

No damage. It appears to be working as normal. Phew!

  john bunyan 15:05 17 May 2019

An ill wind but it not do harm!

  Forum Editor 15:07 17 May 2019

"...that must have reduced the jolt"

Yes, carpet acting like an airbag: d = (vf - vi)/t

  Quickbeam 17:03 17 May 2019

Humour? From the FE...?

  wee eddie 18:20 17 May 2019


  Cymro. 11:44 18 May 2019

Enter F.E. equation in Google then you will know as much as him

  Forum Editor 13:49 18 May 2019

Or will you?

Larisa Savitskaya knows all about how you need something to reduce velocity before impact. She was trapped inside the fuselage of a Russian Aeroflot AN-24 which collided with a Tupolev strategic bomber at over 17,000 feet. The wings of the AN-24 were torn away along with the fuel tanks and the roof. The remains of the aircraft fell for eight minutes before hitting the ground. Larisa was asleep when the collision occurred. She told her rescuers "I remember a terrible blow and a burn (that was the temperature falling instantly to minus 23 degrees). There was a screaming and a howling of the wind. I was thrown into the aisle and found myself in the tail part of the plane. Suddenly I remembered one Italian movie, Miracles Still Happen. The main character of that movie saved herself in a plane crash by curling up in her seat. Somehow I got into a chair. I didn’t think I’d survive, I just wanted to die painlessly. There was a green flash and a blow. I landed in the forest falling on young trees, and that saved my life".

Remarkably, Larisa survived for a further three days in wilderness in the Far East of Russia before being found with just minor injuries. That green flash as the fuselage hit the young trees was what saved Larisa - the rapid deceleration being partially cushioned by the trees meant that her body wasn't subjected to the violence of the instant deceleration that would have occurred if the the trees had not intervened. She was the only survivor - all the other 54 people on board were either killed by the initial collision, or were spilled out of the aircraft when it collided and perished as they fell, or when they hit the ground.

The same laws of physics saved your NAS drive when its fall was cushioned by the carpet.

  Quickbeam 15:42 18 May 2019

Learn something new everyday. looks like I was right to be surprised!

  x13 17:48 18 May 2019

Akin to airbags then? Interesting fact FE.

  wee eddie 18:11 18 May 2019

During the 2nd World War there was a case of the Tail Gunner from a Lancaster Bomber who was blown out of the plane with no parachute. He landed in a Conifer Forest, which broke his fall, and survived

  john bunyan 10:21 08 Aug 2019

wee eddie

Just saw your earlier post ( on tail gunner of a Lancaster)

My father was navigator of a Lancaster in 1943 that was shot down just inside the Dutch border near Aachen on the way back from a Raif on Berlin. I have spoken to eye witnesses when I worked in Holland in 1989. The plane blew up at about 1000 feet ‘ on fire . 6 of the crew died instantly but the tail gunner in his turret landed in a heap of straw / compost in a field. He lost a leg . I met a nurse who told the underground he was ok to leave hospital but the Germans intercepted the call and he was a POW till VE Day. I have a letter he wrote to my mother. Sadly he died in a motorcycle accident 3 years after VE Day

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