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Sporting sponsorships

  simonjary 06:59 29 Mar 2012

Chelsea are sponsored by Samsung, and were once by Commodore and again by Amiga. Man Utd were once by Sharp, and recently got some money from Epson.

What other sporting sponsorships by tech companies can you remember?

  Quickbeam 07:59 29 Mar 2012

I always thought that Tetley's was a strange partnership with cricket, rugby yeas but cricket was an odd couple. Just not cricket at all.

  Quickbeam 08:01 29 Mar 2012

...well the smoothflow system is quite technical compared to a tap and spile:)

  dagbladet 08:08 29 Mar 2012

When the football league introduced sponsorship back in the mid-eighties, the first sponsor of the league itself was Canon.

  dagbladet 08:09 29 Mar 2012

...and N-power currently sponsor the Football League (not Prem).

  Quickbeam 08:16 29 Mar 2012

And way back when Orange was a new company, I can remember sitting in the stand at Trenbridge during an Ashes match, Shane Warne's debut year I believe, and there was great gossip and speculation as to what the orange square's with no text was advertising. A few weeks later I realised what it was.

Would you say that was good, or bad advertising?

  Quickbeam 08:18 29 Mar 2012

...that's probably why they 'added the future is orange' later on.

  Proclaimer 08:24 29 Mar 2012

Did not JVC sponsor Arsenal?

  simonjary 08:46 29 Mar 2012

Plus, Arsenal Dreamcast.

  Aitchbee 08:53 29 Mar 2012

Olivetti sponsored Formula One Racing back in the 80's...nowadays, top F1 drivers seem to be walking ...(should that be motorized?)...billboards!

  john bunyan 09:50 29 Mar 2012

IBM certainly used to do a lot of sport sponsorship

[IBM ]1

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