Sporran wearers may need licence

  Seth Haniel 10:10 26 Jun 2007

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  wee eddie 10:17 26 Jun 2007

I thought that mine was made from an old grey mare!

I wonder how much such a License will cost and who will be the arbiters of the source from which small furry animal it was made.

  Kate B 10:22 26 Jun 2007

I saw that story - absurd in some ways, but in others it makes sense.

  newman35 10:30 26 Jun 2007

I see Gordy is to appoint a new Sporran Secretary to oversee the matter!!

  wee eddie 10:34 26 Jun 2007

Have you any ideas how many Sporrans there may be in Scotland. (There will be more in America)

I have three. My nephew, who is ex-army, has 5 at least. I know of 3 in my sister's house and that's not including the dressing up box.

Last time we went into the Dressing-up box we dug out an old nightshirt and took it up to Christies, it fetched just short of £3,500.

  Bingalau 10:40 26 Jun 2007

wee eddie. I think Kate B will already be wondering if you've got any corsets in there. Seriously though I can't see any of my Scottish friends letting any tax inspector anywhere near their baw-bees.

  wee eddie 11:00 26 Jun 2007

Most were well used in my Frankenfurter era! but have been used by generations of kids.

The nightshirt turned out to have been in the box for around 300+ years. That particular box came from my Aunt. The "New Staircase", in that house, was built towards the end on the 14th Century. Now, how's that for entertainment value

  newman35 11:02 26 Jun 2007

Maybe it will make Scots start wearing their sporrans UNDER their kilts!

  Totally-braindead 11:09 26 Jun 2007

I agree with Kate B it is absurd in some ways but makes sense in other ways. I can't really imagine the Police finding time to stop anyone with a sporran on the off chance it might be made from a protected species and I can't imagine any sparran manufacturer using an endangered species anyway.
"Watch out, watch out the sporran police are about".
I suppose there will be a new government department formed for this together with a load of inspectors.

  Seth Haniel 11:42 26 Jun 2007

the amount of dead Badgers that litter the roads betwwen the North East England and Mid Scotland - can their hides be used ??? or do they need a death certificate - died by natural causes/accident ??

  Kate B 11:57 26 Jun 2007

wee eddie - that you own corsets does not surprise me ;-) Now, so long as they don't start requiring a licence for those ...

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