Chas49 12:28 10 Sep 2008

I had a call on my landline telephone yesterday, when I picked the phone up there was no response. Curiosity aroused I dialed 1471 and was told that I had been called by - a number was quoted. I wrote the number down. It was my own telephone number preceded by 044.

Any ideas why this should happen. I only have one phone which is cordless. I was on the internet at the time. I have a BT HUB which supplies the wireless connection to my other computer. There is no phone attached to that hub.

Curious, eh!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:13 10 Sep 2008

There used to be a way of ringing your own number I think it was to press 7 (or something like that).

  Chas49 13:51 10 Sep 2008

But Fruit Bat I was nowhere near the phone when it rang! My reasoning (most likely wrong!) is that, as the phone is on the same line as the Broadband and I was 'trawling' the net that my number was, in some way 'rung' - but why the country code 044. To the best of my knowledge my telephone number is not on the computer. - only my email address.

I hate mysteries but in this case I must accept this as a one off. It's never happened before and may never happen again.

7, by the way, is to record a new memo and none of the other options fit the bill - any other theories anyone?

Could it be that, as I had allowed the answer phone to take a message (actually there was NO message left)that a glitch in the phone software actually recorded my number instead of the callers?

The 044 suggests that the call originated from outside the country. I have friends in Canada and reason that if they rang me then the number they entered would be prefixed 044 and the remainder would obviously be my number - but 1471 gives you the caller's number unless of course they hide it. As they have been in Canada for just over a week and are living with relatives at the moment I can well understand the withholding of the number. But that doesn't really answer the question. Very curious!

  Seth Haniel 13:59 10 Sep 2008

I phone a firm yesterday and the chaps wife answered I asked for Brian and she said he's at work and proceeded to give me number i'd just phoned - which I rang again expecting to get her again - but no this time got Brian at work and I don't even have the house phone number

  Chas49 15:13 10 Sep 2008

Seth Haniel:

Could it be that the 'firm' and his house are one and the same - that, perhaps, she just shouted to him to answer the phone? With so many people working from home I suspect that this is the answer.

In my case I suspect that time will solve my problem, ie: when the people in Canada ring back (if indeed they do - you know what they say about out of sight - out of mind!).

  WhiteTruckMan 15:18 10 Sep 2008

I remember that as well. Dont know if it still works, and I've been having a look for the number but cant find it. It probably was with a BT line, but may have worked with others. I think it was a 3 or 4 digit number you dialled though, and hung up straight away for immediate callback.


  Seth Haniel 15:27 10 Sep 2008

no two seperate entities - one a shop and the other a house about three miles away - I even asked if he had call transfer switched on - but that drew a blank too.

A few years ago I recieved a call on my mobile phone asking for my brother I had just got the phone and my brother didn't even have the number - it was a work mate of his had dialed a wrong number - my brother and his caller where down in Hampshire I am up in Cleveland.

In Edinburgh a few years back someone was passing a phone box that was ringing, he went in and answered it and it was a relation who'd been trying to reach him and had accidently phoned the vat (or similar) number on the bottom of a letter which coincidently tallied with the Edinburgh phonebox.

  Forum Editor 18:30 10 Sep 2008

Several years ago I had trouble getting through to a client who lives in Sydney, so I spoke to the Australian telecoms operator about it. She spent some time testing and fiddling around while i held on, and eventually said "I think I have your connection now" There as a two second pause, and a voice said "Hello". I said "Hello, is that Mr. XXXX?". The voice said "Yes, who's that?" I said "is that you, Brian?" and the answer came back "No, it's David, who's that?"

It was the client's brother, who lives about ten miles away from me across London. He had been trying to reach his brother, and was having trouble. He was just about to give up when I cam on the line. Somehow we had been connected to each other by the Sydney operator, and were talking to each other via Australia. Aren't computers wonderful?

  Chas49 18:34 10 Sep 2008

WhiteTruckMan & Fruit Bat /\0/\:

It's possible that you've hit the nail on head, I remember that I did fumble when, in my haste, I rushed, too late, to beat the answer machine before it cut in. Perhaps it was a sequence of key presses as I grabbed it. Could well be. Not so spooky after all! Just plain clumsy!!!

Seth Haniel: Coincidences do occur pretty often in my experience - usually that is all they are - coincidences. In your examples I don't think that this could be so - now that is spooky!

In the office where, many years ago, I worked, we had a telephone box erected outside this office so that the general workforce could phone out at any time day or night. One day I heard the phone ring - I went to answer it but all I could hear was a couple having a conversation. I asked them who they wanted - they were quite upset when they heard my voice - I told them what had happened and the bloke told me that he was ringing from a callbox. It was obviously a crossed connection and could have happened anywhere in the town - but it was a call from a box a few yards from where I lived and finished up at a box right outside my office. The odds are very high on that happening.

Though nothing to do with coincidences the night work force had a very good scam going with that Telephone Box. Some of the Asian workers had arranged for their relatives back in India to phone the box at a certain hour and the men visited the box just before the call was due. "Will you accept the call" they were asked and then talked for quite a while. The only reason we discovered this was when the money I collected from the cash bin didn't even come near the bill the company was faced with. A complaint to BT resulted in them telling us what was happening and we had to have the phone altered so that calls could only be made out. Would you believe that the Union shop convener actually complained!!

  pj123 18:36 10 Sep 2008

I have a special code for people who I will answer the phone to.

If that code is not adhered to I don't answer the phone.

  Chas49 18:44 10 Sep 2008

FE: Coincidence again, the one brother trying to ring the other in Aussieland and you trying to do the same thing at the same time- presumably via the same operator. I have no idea what the operator sees or does when he/she is trying to connect callers but it appears that he/she put two and two together and, making five, managed to connect you to the wrong brother. As you say "Aren't computers wonderful" no matter in what form or how used.

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