onthelimit1 09:18 14 Apr 2012

As a long-term fan of this aircraft, the possibility of another 20 flying gets my blood racing (it doesn't take much these days!)

BBC article

  Forum Editor 18:52 18 Apr 2012


Toneman's last post was removed at his request.

  flycatcher1 19:01 18 Apr 2012

FE Quite understand, we old fogies were getting a bit off topic.

  Condom 13:56 23 Apr 2012


Can I please ask that you post something about this if and when they do find these aircraft as I may very well be in the far east at the time and miss any UK news. I would like to visit the site and hopefully get some photos.

  morddwyd 20:21 23 Apr 2012

The recovery, in any condition, of twenty unflown Spitfires is likely to make the news far beyond the UK, perhaps even as far as the far east!

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