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  onthelimit1 09:18 14 Apr 2012

As a long-term fan of this aircraft, the possibility of another 20 flying gets my blood racing (it doesn't take much these days!)

BBC article

  johndrew 10:15 14 Apr 2012

Although I have an appreciation of the Spitfire, I have a greater respect for the Hurricane which served in greater numbers earlier in the conflict as Hawkers Board decided on an at risk build when trouble was brewing. This stockpile of aircraft were purchased and put into service very quickly whereas the Spitfire orders were relatively slow in coming.

Much of the aura surrounding the Spitfire appears to have developed from its wing plan and stories/comments from German pilots; there may also have been a level of commercial input by its manufacturers.

But then many older aircraft have a high level of following as a result of their history.

  Quickbeam 11:39 14 Apr 2012

If they're still waxed up from the factory, it sounds like they could be reassembled and flying pretty quickly.

  onthelimit1 11:46 14 Apr 2012

A telegraph article indicates a flying club has put up the half a million needed to recover them. The owner will be given one of the aircraft in payment. Pretty good deal, I'd say!

Agreed the Hurri was a fantastic fighter, and very robust, but is the ugly sister to the Spit in appearance (but those wonderful wings were not the easiest for mass production).

  morddwyd 12:18 14 Apr 2012

The Hurricane was like the Sergeant Pilots in the Battle.

Both present in greater numbers but it was the Spit, and the dashing young officers, who got all the publicity.

I was lucky enough to have served on a station flying Spitfires (Woodvale, mid 50s).

  johndrew 16:44 14 Apr 2012

The Hurricane was like the Sergeant Pilots in the Battle.

And don't forget the old saying," If a bomb has to hit the station let it be the Officers' Mess." After all it was (is?) those without Commissions that really ran and got (get?) things done!! :-)

Publicity is one thing, getting the job done another. But all ranks of Pilots put themselves to a similar risk regardless of which aircraft type they flew.

  Aitchbee 18:39 14 Apr 2012

'AIRFIX' could assist in the find & recovery mission... ( I won't mention International Rescue)...

...but, are not the plastic aeroplane models now made-in-China?

  flycatcher1 19:42 15 Apr 2012

An organisation at Enstone Airfield is constructing a squadron of scaled down Spitfires for Display purposes and personal use. They may be a bit unhappy if they are up-staged by a Squadron of real ones.

My late Brother-in-Law flew Spits just after the Battle of Britain. The unofficial test on passing the Operational Conversion Unit, I think that it was at Hawarden, was to fly under the Menai Suspension Bridge. Not for the faint hearted.

He ended up as a Forward Air Controller in Burma and would never buy anything Japanese.

  onthelimit1 20:13 15 Apr 2012

would never buy anything Japanese

he'd be a bit stuck now if he wanted any electronics or a decent car!

  Condom 15:28 16 Apr 2012

Normally I don't do a Visa run to Myanmar as it has recently been a difficult country to enjoy but if they do find the whereabouts of these aircraft then I shall change my mind and hopefully go take a look at things on the ground.

My father who worked in Rolls Royce in Hillington during the war and who was a hoarder of many things, in his seemingly limitless supply of National Dried Milk Tins, had several tins of Merlin engine valve springs wrapped in oil paper (don't ask why because I don't know). After his death I offered them to the Battle of Britain group who gratefully took them and hopefully they were able to put them to some use.

The Spitfire was an icon to people my age but the Hurricane did more of the early fighting and was a much better model aircraft to build from balsa wood due to its structure.

  Aitchbee 17:14 16 Apr 2012

"I don't think Airfix could help, they don't have anyone to make the kits - they subcontract."

I just got that, wiz-king :o)

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