Spiders' webs in my car

  exdragon 12:48 14 Aug 2012

Hi - anyone know why, for the first time ever, the inside of my car is festooned with spiders' webs? They're from door to door, across the windscreen and everywhere in between.

I expect they're lurking in nooks and crannies, but this is the first time I've seen the webs inside. I'd forgotten about them this morning until I noticed them glinting in the sunshine and nearly ran into the back of the car in front. Not my most favourite if insects.

Will anything get rid of them?

  wee eddie 12:57 14 Aug 2012


  Cymro. 12:59 14 Aug 2012

Spiders aren't so bad, they catch and eat flies so which do you prefer loads of flies or loads of spiders?

  Aitchbee 13:08 14 Aug 2012

...as long as they don't get so big that they require seat-belts then it's best to leave them alone...or gently evict them!

The latter suggestion being the more sensible, as driving with spiders in your veiw might impair your driving concentration...seriously.

  exdragon 13:37 14 Aug 2012

Cymro.- I'm not going to say the obvious, that there are no flies, as you'll say, 'There you go, that proves it! I understand that in the house, but not in the car.

Aitchbee - that's one problem, I can't see the little blighters.

wee eddie - forgotten about that one. I've got some I brought back from France a while ago, so hopefully they will still be 'potent'. Mind you, my aim isn't very good...

  Bing.alau 16:07 14 Aug 2012

exdragon No No No, you do not play conkers with them. They do not like the look of a conker as it is a big brown enemy thing to them. So they make for the nearest exit. Except for the type in Brumas's Brother-in-law's boot. He gives quite a nasty suck..

  exdragon 16:26 14 Aug 2012

Maybe if I stick black hairy pipecleaners on, they'd look even more like...no, that's silly,

  Blackhat 16:29 14 Aug 2012

I don't think you will get the chance but if we have a hot summer day, leave the car sealed up in direct sun for as many hours as posible. The spiders will probably run away or be cooked. Most important is that the eggs are fried (you know what I mean).

  ams4127 17:00 14 Aug 2012

Get a can of strong fly spray, open door, spay long and hard, shut door. Leave for 24 hours - spiders gone. Easy.

  john bunyan 17:50 14 Aug 2012


In the nicest possible way, forum member reminds me of a highly intelligent terrier. He will never give in nor admit he is ever wrong. I bet he has the last word! (fm - I admire your good points!!)

  exdragon 17:56 14 Aug 2012

Children - go and play in a post of your own, please.

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