Spiders, how to get rid of them?

  rickf 17:45 08 Jul 2014

I hate having to do this but it's getting out of hand. My loft is infested with them and now its spreading to the rest of the house. I would rather be able to manage their numbers than kill them if possible. Its the cobwebs everywhere that I find difficult to put up with. Any suggestions welcome.

  spuds 18:11 08 Jul 2014

Perhaps not the answer, but if you have a large number, then there must be a good food source?.

  sunnystaines 18:43 08 Jul 2014

the electric deterent mention in the ant thread perhaps

  Aitchbee 20:09 08 Jul 2014

For starters, a vacuum-cleaner with a long extension tube to reach into the corners [every coupla' months] should womp some of 'em suckers.

  bumpkin 20:51 08 Jul 2014

Mr M. Not suitable for indoor use.

  bumpkin 21:09 08 Jul 2014

You may have to fumigate the loft if it is that bad. The sooner you act the better.

  rickf 15:19 09 Jul 2014

I did it with a hoover last year to clear the cobwebs? What happened was the cobwebs damaged the motor totally. Had to get a new one and don't want to risk it again. Thinking about using a spray from the DIY store to try.

  spuds 16:03 09 Jul 2014

Do what they do around my neck of the woods, and cultivate cannabis plants in the loft. The heat will keep the cobwebs down, but might increase the size of the spiders, which can be sold to the local take-away or exotic foods store ;o).

  sunnystaines 19:30 10 Jul 2014

a few tips

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