GRIDD 02:06 27 Jul 2008

Are they getting bigger?

I just found the (I'm not joking or exaggerating) biggest one I have ever seen in a house. I was just moving my pillow and there it was crawling along just behind the top of my bed.

with it's thick legs bent it was about 2.5cm tall, and about 3cm body and about 8cm wide, pure black.

PS. If you post links I will not click them....

*admits the wife had to remove the spider and I'm now afraid to go back to bed*

  MCE2K5 02:18 27 Jul 2008

House Spiders (Tegenaria species) info click here

  mrwoowoo 02:21 27 Jul 2008

After admitting that,you'll have to change your forum name again you big softy.
Oh ok,i hate them as well.
The only difference is the wife makes me get rid of them because i'm more scared of her than the spider.)O:!

  Forum Editor 09:06 27 Jul 2008

they help to keep the house clear of other, less desirable pests.

The one you saw was a male, probably going in search of a mate, or looking for a water source. House spiders need water, and they often find it in baths and washbasins, which is why you'll sometimes see one trying to climb back out.

Try not to harm these creatures - they were here long before humans came on the scene, and they'll probably be here when we've gone.

  Bingalau 09:27 27 Jul 2008

When ever one of my children and now my grand children come in and say "I've just seen a spider in the bath" or words/screams to that effect.. I just tell them it's my pet Pit Bull Spider and it is there to keep other nasties from getting in the bath. I then usually pick it up and take it in to the garden and tell them that it also needs to get out for a bit of exercise now and again...

  johndrew 09:44 27 Jul 2008

`.. they help to keep the house clear of other, less desirable pests.`

I agree totally. Now all we need is to be able to train them to attack burglars ;-)

  GRIDD 09:52 27 Jul 2008

"The one you saw was a male, probably going in search of a mate, or looking for a water source."

Well the only mate there was mine and she got the small vac cleaner, the spider then went off on a whirl wind trip.

"Try not to harm these creatures - they were here long before humans came on the scene"

So before living in our houses who's did they live in?

  [email protected] 11:10 27 Jul 2008

it's a phobia i just cant beat, i have tried everything but when i see one from the corner of my eye i just freeze. if they were here long before we were why dont they sod off and live where they used to?
and they couldnt have been called house spiders then im guessing?
i saw my 3 fish watching something the other night, and i had to force myself to look because i knew what it was! i'm 40 years of age im 6'2" and i would be happier to discover a grizzly bear on my lounge floor than one of these alien creatures!
*reloads 12 bore*
essence of chestnuts works btw and is harmless, a few years ago i used one of those press the button and evacuate, kill everything bombs, i think they are some kind of ww1 leftover! even cats were crossing the street when they walked past my place after that.

  Joe R 11:30 27 Jul 2008

Have had a pet Corn Snake for three years or so now, and have very rarely seen a spider since.

  birdface 11:30 27 Jul 2008

The wife bought a new leather 3 piece suite and within about a month or two we had those enormous spiders I can only assume that they came with the Suite.But being brave that I am I had to run about with the hoover to suck them up.They must have been about 3 inches long.I usually get the big white hunter[the wife] to catch any spiders she just lifts them and squashes them and throws them in the bin.I'm not that brave.Can't stand spiders.

  Phil01 11:38 27 Jul 2008

like others here i too have a phobia of spiders, i have tried to get rid of it, i tried the flooding technique where you just face your fear head on and after a few moments the body releases chemicals to calm your body down, slow your heart rate etc and thus you lose the fear.

i held a Chilean Rose-hair Tarantula, not the biggest of tarantula, but covered most of my hand, my fear did drop in the moment and my fear has got better, but even now if i see a big house spider then someone else has to get rid of it and i still get that shiver down my spine.

like has been said they were hear first like a lot of other so called "creepy crawlies" anything that is still around is for two main reasons.

1. its part of the chain "food chain" even something considered small like house spiders going missing would effect our environment in a big way, increase in other creatures,more food for other creatures which helps then increase in numbers increase of pest control, toxins etc and it has a snow ball effect

2. survival of the fittest, it has survived for so long, evolving along the way to a specific design to survive and adapt in its environment.

i sympathise with anyone who has this fear, but in the UK we should count our selves lucky of what types we have here, saying that with dare i say it with out sparking people of "Global warming" more and more strangers who get over here from hotter climates are starting to live and survive longer. its not impossible that we could see bigger badder spiders in our life time on our shores!

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