Spend 'em or lose 'em, maybe

  canarieslover 18:45 08 Mar 2010

If you have a stack of old £20 notes under the mattress you had better get spending them. They cease to be legal tender on 30th June.
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  Paddylad 19:28 08 Mar 2010

No chance, my wife turns the mattress once a week.

  canarieslover 19:52 08 Mar 2010

Hope she lets you get out of bed first!!!

  Devil Fish 23:26 08 Mar 2010

or you could take them to the bank exchange them for new ones and stick them under your matress

  BT 08:28 09 Mar 2010

I was wondering when this would happen.
The last time there was a new note the change over period was quite short, only a few months, and I got caught with about £300 'under the mattress' as it were. Bank changed them with no problems.

I don't keep all my money under the mattress by the way, it would be too near the ceiling ;-)).

I just keep about £300 in cash for emergencies.

  Quickbeam 08:38 09 Mar 2010

I'll take any amount off your hands for a tenner a piece... just use the yellow envelope;)

  morddwyd 08:48 09 Mar 2010

I suppose it must happen much the same, but I don't recall any such advice for notes in Scotland.

We even still have £1 notes.

Of course, Scottish notes are not legal tender anyway, even in Scotland, so perhaps it doesn't matter.

  morddwyd 08:51 09 Mar 2010

Slightly off thread, but there was never a note that gave you such a sense of well being and superiority as the old white fiver, particularly if you had more than one to flash around.

Half a dozen of those was a better pull than a sports car!

  interzone55 08:55 09 Mar 2010

Don't worry, most banks will still take them back even after they cease to be legal tender.

After my mum died in 2004 we found around £8k secreted around the house, her emergency stash I suppose, around half was in the type E (Michael Faraday) note which was withdrawn in 2001. My dad gave us £2k each. I took mine to my bank and they accepted them with no problems...

  canarieslover 09:28 09 Mar 2010

When white fivers were around half a dozen of them would have bought you a second hand sports car!!!

  Bapou 11:21 09 Mar 2010

Herself was relaxing with a cup of coffee after a spell of ironing this morning, then I announced this news. Suddenly there's activity upstairs then a call for me to open the attic up.

May be she thought it needed a tidy up, have not been up there since moving the Christmas decorations back.

Still, she wasn't letting on and it pays to mind one's own business, so I came back on here.

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