Speed of Switching Utility Providers

  oresome 10:57 14 Mar 2018

I switch quite often and it used to take several weeks, but this time it's down to a little more than two weeks.

Which is unfortunate because while the new company is cheaper than the proposed tariff with the existing company, the existing tariff is cheaper than both those options and I'd prefer to let it run it's course to the end of the contract period at the month end.

It's only two weeks, but that's nearly 4% of the contract period and the savings for those that switch regularly are quite small and this is diminished further by going onto a more expensive tariff early.

  wee eddie 11:53 14 Mar 2018

My own experiences, so far anyway, is that one can easily find someone who will offer you a lower price for a unit of energy,

However, variations on the way the bill is calculated, make the saving minimal

  Pine Man 13:03 14 Mar 2018

make the saving minimal

I change every couple of years, or sooner, if I can find a better deal and my last change saved me about £25 per month.

Unfortunately, as oresome has found, you have no control over the actual date of the changeover, which can some times be disadvantageous.

  wee eddie 13:11 14 Mar 2018

£25 per month would be almost 25% on my total monthly expenditure.

I shall look around again

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:55 14 Mar 2018

If I was saving £25 a month I'd be getting it free. :0)

  wee eddie 16:29 14 Mar 2018

FB: is that all power forms?

  bumpkin 19:48 14 Mar 2018

What about the smart meter issue if you are unfortunate enough to have these useless things. Do they not rquire changing if you change supplier.

  martd7 12:22 15 Mar 2018

I've just changed my electric to "brilliant energy",saves me £90 a year and the transfer and customer service so far has been excellent

  wee eddie 15:03 15 Mar 2018

A saving £xx.zz is of little point if we don't know what the Original Bill was for.

Why not give the saving as a %age of your Annual Bill.

  wee eddie 15:11 15 Mar 2018

My total power consumption, for a single bedroom flat, is between £1100 and £1200 each year. That includes all heating, lighting, cooking, water and entertainment also maintenance of all the related services and equipment.

Someone tell me if I am way out, but I cannot see any point in an annual hassle for less that 5%

  Pine Man 15:16 15 Mar 2018

What about the smart meter issue if you are unfortunate enough to have these useless things.

There is no issue at all. In fact if you look at the gas meter, for example, it looks exactly the same as before but with a bolt on that forwards your readings to the supplier.

The actual meters still work if you change suppliers and, if necessary, can be read manually exactly the same as you did before.

I have one and it is far from useless and works very efficiently ensuring up to date meter readings for my bills, which are always spot on. (If you don't believe the smart readings you can read the meters yourself and check with the readings that have been uploaded to the supplier).

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