Speed limiters?

  newman35 13:20 30 Dec 2008

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My view would be all vehicles manufactured for UK use should be built to do no more than the official limit of 70mph.
Obeying other limits should still be the driver's responsibility, not spy-in-the-sky.

  AL47 13:37 30 Dec 2008

nooooo :o
if its option ok, but many optional things turn compulsory!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:41 30 Dec 2008

Forget speed limiters, just need to tighten up on that "loose nut" behind the wheel.


Anyway I believe that speeding in a builtup area is far more dangerous than speeding on a motorway.

  Woolwell 13:47 30 Dec 2008

newman35 stated "My view would be all vehicles manufactured for UK use should be built to do no more than the official limit of 70mph." So what happens when you take your car to Europe for example and drive on the German autobahns?

We seem to spend far too much time concentrating on speed rather than the ability to drive well. A step in the right direction could be making sure that drivers are fit to drive
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  canarieslover 13:50 30 Dec 2008

Does that mean I can just keep my foot on the pedal and have a nap while Big Brother controls my car?

  Bingalau 13:51 30 Dec 2008

I'm all for bringing in new technology to cut speedsters down. At the same time bring in re-tests for people over 65. (before you oldies start moaning I'm 78) I love driving myself and always have, but try to stick to rules and regulations. I would be absolutely lost without my car but the amount of bad drivers on the road is increasing.

More roadside checks for licence dodgers and road tax dodgers insurance dodgers etc. should get a lot of hooligans off the road, if their vehicles are confiscated and crushed.

  Forum Editor 14:51 30 Dec 2008

at least not to start with. Perhaps some form of in car audio/visual warning when speed limits are being exceeded might be a good move. Many satnavs do this already.

  Macscouse 15:25 30 Dec 2008

Can you imagine all vehicles going at the same speed?
I remember when the Army used the old convoy drills, when the whole Battalion would move together. 80+ vehicles led by the RSM in the lead vehicle. He would tell his driver the convoy speed, eg 30 miles in the hour, and woe betide his driver if he deviated from that speed. At the back of the convoy was the recovery truck, which I remember driving at two miles an hour, then suddenly trying vainly to catch up the convoy half a mile up the road, only to have to brake as I caught up with the pack again, as it slowed down. It only takes one driver to slow down by one MPH, and the following vehicles gradually grind to a halt. Imagine the chaos on the M25 if this was implimented.

  S5W 16:06 30 Dec 2008

I too am over 70 and would miss the use of my car in this rural place but I agree that we old people should be tested every now and then. I used not to think this way but I see much poor driving and much of it is by drivers who look very old. Round here it's not so much high speeds but poor positioning and ignoring road signs. Also memories of my late father who insisted on continuing to drive in his late eighties when he was a danger to himself and anyone near him. I expect it is difficult to give up your licence when the time come.

  Noldi 17:43 30 Dec 2008

The car I have at the moment has. Automatic lights, Automatic wipers and does this make me a safer driver NO, There are times when you should not be traveling 30 in a 30 or 70 on a motorway. A little trick I use when I notice I am not driving well I do a comentry on what I see and reactions I should be taking that I think makes me a safer driver.


  Chegs ®™ 17:49 30 Dec 2008

I once had a Nissan minibus that was fitted with a buzzer that sounded at 55mph.I drove to/from manchester twice in one day and was straight round my mates requesting it be removed as I have never been so annoyed.

I heard a news report state that these "big brother" type devices were likely to cause "zombie" like states in drivers so shouldnt be allowed.If this is correct,surely a cruise-control will be just the same.

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