Speed Camera's in Swindon

  birdface 10:29 15 Jul 2008

Looks as though the local councils no longer get the benefits of keeping Fines paid by speeding motorists.In Swindon's case they are looking for a cheaper method of controlling speeds.If allowed to keep the revenue from speeding motorists maybe they would have erected more of them.Now they have to work on a budget of £400.000 and are now looking for a cheaper alternative.Would this be better for the motorists and worse for the pedestrians.In the long run it a comes down to money. click here

  Quickbeam 10:33 15 Jul 2008

"Would this be better for the motorists and worse for the pedestrians"

It would be fairer. Before the speed camera invasion your driving was assessed by a police patrol, ie, 40 mph at 03:00 in a 30 zone was considered to be safe. A camera does not take any other consideration into account other than the logic of a computers yes/no logic.

  georgemac © 11:22 15 Jul 2008

I do not think these speed cameras are fully effective now anyway. They are highly visible, on most people's sat nav devices, and a lot of people simply slow down for the camera then speed up again.

In towns, speed calming measures are more effective, and although I personally hate speed bumps, they are required due to mindless morons who will not obey speed limits.

The most effective cameras to stop speeding on the open roads are the average speed cameras.

But then again, as has been said, what is the aim, stopping speeding or collecting revenue?

This looks to me like a Tory council taking on the Labour government, and having nothing to do with stopping speeding.

  birdface 12:08 15 Jul 2008

I suppose it makes you wonder where the revenue should go.Government or Local Councils.To me it is still down to profit and loss.In the days gone bye you used to get the patrol cars going up and down the roads which kept your speeds down.I suppose if Swindon can get a cheaper and better system at a lower price good luck to them.I am sure the Government might not be to happy with them ,Especially if any other councils do the same. Like Quickbeam said 40 mph during the day you get a fine.But 40mph at night time when everyone is in bed you still get a fine.I used to drive for a living but it was getting a bit of a nightmare between speed camera's and slow traffic on the motorways a normal journey to central london and back used to take about 4 hours.The same journey nowadays and it is about 6 hours.I am glad that I am now retired.I used to love driving.It was somewhere different every day,But it ended up very frustrating.I would like to have carried on,But not worth it with the conditions nowadays.

  josie mayhem 12:51 15 Jul 2008

Could the real reason be that the councilers are very near to there max points on there liences...

After all the speed camera doesn't know who's driving do they!

And when it comes to driving councilers are the same as any other driver...

  peter99co 14:24 15 Jul 2008

I got the impression that Swindon pay for the cameras and the income goes to the government coffers. I would get rid of them if that was the case.

  Forum Editor 15:49 15 Jul 2008

by the Swindon tourist office, absolutely desperate to find a way to encourage more people to go there more than once.

  cluckinbell 16:24 15 Jul 2008

I went to Swindon once...........shudder.

  peter99co 16:24 15 Jul 2008

Have they still got those wierd traffic island in th centre of town? Or have you only been there once?

  ened 17:09 15 Jul 2008

I believe the locals call it the 'Magic Roundabout', but I haven't been to Swindon for about 25 years.

  ened 17:12 15 Jul 2008

"speed bumps, they are required due to mindless morons who will not obey speed limits."

I disagree because the 'mindless morons' tend to see them as a challenge, and in one estate in Oxfordshire the local kids on their bikes tried to see if they could use them as launching ramps.

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