speed cameras; keep to the speed limit

  p;3 22:15 27 Jan 2006

on one of my routes home from work is a static speed camera,; it is interesting to watch as the traffic behind me slows for the camera, then speeds up into my bumper to hopefully make me speed up ; I am determined to maintain the speed limit, especially in built-up areas; apparently many motorists have a different view ; do you watch out for the cameras and slow up for them then speed off, or are you trying to maintain the correct speed?

  v1asco 22:45 27 Jan 2006

the local council has just imposed 20mph limits and speed cushions along our main thoroughfare as there is a pre 11 school there.
Seems these cushions are designed so that vehicles with a wider wheel base (ambulances etc) can drive over them without ill affect. Trouble is this covers 4x4's as well, which are driven by the parents, some of which are always late and speed to the school, then park on double yellow lines, or the zig zags 'just for a minute' so child can get out of car.
I am non-driver but have a reasonable road sense. I can never understand this speed thing. Exactly how much earlier do you get there covering the last 200 yards at 20mph instead of 30? 20 seconds?

Alas p;3 I think you are not alone in your observation, that speed camera slow down is very common. Of course the next topic will be about them being money earners. Well, the best way to stop that is not to speed.

  anskyber 22:49 27 Jan 2006
  spuds 22:51 27 Jan 2006

Recently there have been media reports of two motorcyclists seeking higher legal advice on speed cameras. In the first case, the rider was clocked at doing over 50mph, when in actual fact he was only doing 18mph. Apparently a large coach was going by him at speed and this triggered the camera.The time sequence between the two film shots, eventually proved the error. The people responsible for checking the offence had not made the correct checks, with the end result that the motorcyclist received the legal proceedings paperwork, which went to appeal.The makers of the cameras are now saying this this type of incident can happen, and many people have paid fines and received points on their licenses, when they should have not.

The second trial case is going through the courts at present,and the RAC are asking the government to suspend all camera usage until the court cases have been finalised.

But answering your original question, I generally keep to the roads actual speed limit. My days of getting between points A and B,trying to save a few minutes is no longer desirable or necessary.

  p;3 23:01 27 Jan 2006

I did read a report of a farm tractor receiving a speeding ticket .......for doing I beleive 80 mph; the court refused to beleive that the vehicle concerned was INCAPABLE of such speed and the photographed number plate was pretty close to the tractor"s number; the owner decided to prove to the court that the "vehicle concerned" could NOT do that speed and drove it to the court to prove it; thus creating a rather large traffic jam:))

  Forum Editor 23:10 27 Jan 2006

between London and Heathrow airport.

Coming back from Heathrow there's a stretch of the road that has a special outside lane for buses and taxis. When traffic is heavy they speed along in their lane, whilst us lesser mortals may be moving more slowly. In such conditions I have on two occasions seen the camera triggered as I passed it and at the same moment a bus was passing me in the outer lane. I didn't receive anything in the post on either occasion, but it must happen.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:34 28 Jan 2006

I have a Snooper radar detector fitted in my car ;-)) This gives me plenty of warning of the dangerous (ahem) road areas where the police always put cameras to protect motorists and not be a source of revenue.


  octal 08:01 28 Jan 2006

I always wonder about the safety of them when you've got to take your eye's off the road to check your speed when you go past a camera, even though you are doing the correct speed in the first place!
Looking at anskyber link you could probably easily add another 10 metres to the thinking distance at 50 mph because you are checking your speed, because those distances are calculated with eye's on the road and being fully alert in perfect weather conditions.

  jack 09:09 28 Jan 2006

I have to smile when those caught out by cameras complain they are nothing but money earners
Well to those folk I say keep on speeding and pay-up

These things cost a fir bit to install and even more to administrate - If they were 100% successful our council tax would have to increase to pay for them.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:59 28 Jan 2006

click here I trust the smile is now wiped off your face.


  p;3 10:13 28 Jan 2006

I agree completely with the speed cameras on the roadworks sections of motorways ; the restrictions are there for a good reason and I have seen far too many motorists with the attitude that the reistriction does not apply to them; I for one keep TO the speed limit when passing through roadworks ; narrow lanes and the workforce for starters; even have juggernauts overtake me ; safety first please; keep to the speed limit; it is there for a good reason:))

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