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Speed cameras with extra powers

  dagbladet 10:13 30 Sep 2009

Most of the speed cameras round our way are sporting new signs which declare that the camera also monitors, Mobile phone use, seatbelt use and ...erm...something else, can't remember.

How do they do this?

I assume that it would need to be triggered initially by the car speeding, then if the picture records the driver with no seat belt and talking on a mobile, it's extra points and fine. However, no speeding, no picture regardless of the other stuff. Am I right?

Interested in all responses, though it's really the technical side that intrigues me as opposed to any moralistic stance. ie "If you don't speed you don't have to worry about it". If that makes sense.

  bremner 10:29 30 Sep 2009

Have a look here click here under the 'Concept digital DVD' hyperlink

  dagbladet 10:37 30 Sep 2009


Your link suggests that these would have top be monitored constantly by a human, the signs have appeared on dozens of permenant cameras in the area and outwardly at least, the cameras themselves appear to be the same as before. Of course it could just be the same box with upgraded technology inside.

  bremner 11:11 30 Sep 2009

Whilst having instant playback I am sure it records, so someone could review the recordings at a later date and send NIP's / FPN's

  Quickbeam 12:28 30 Sep 2009

For all the trouble they're going to, it will soon be the easier option to have GPS limiting devices fitted.

  bremner 19:02 30 Sep 2009

How will GPS help catching those using their mobiles or diving without seat belts?

  dagbladet 07:46 01 Oct 2009


Thanks for that, but do you know how the cameras work?

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