Speed Camera's

  SB23 18:09 30 Jul 2006

Near to where I now live, there is a double lane carriage way.
On my way back home this afternoon, there was a police motor cycle with something mounted on a tripod. It did look a little like a camera, but I could be wrong.
As I was passing this motorcycle, cars were passing me like I was stood still, and although the inside lane is generally covered by speed camera's in general, do these camera's have the capability to cover more than one lane at a time ?

Forgive the question, but I've always wondered what happens about the other lanes, as you always get cars passing, ignoring the limits.


  dukeboxhero 18:34 30 Jul 2006

if the roads got painted lines on both lanes then yes as they need the lines to calculate your speed but you cant get fined going towards a camara thats facing you even if it flashes

  freaky 18:38 30 Jul 2006


  SB23 18:38 30 Jul 2006

Why not?
I thought that was the point of them, whether in front or behind you.

  dukeboxhero 18:59 30 Jul 2006

it has to calculate from the time you pass the camera they then count the lines to detemine the speed that why it flashes twice

  octal 19:07 30 Jul 2006

accept average speed cameras on the motorway, they all face forward.

  SB23 19:31 30 Jul 2006

On this particular road then, I'm trundling along on the inside lane, and other cars are passing me, would this mobile camera, ignore me and get the passing, speeding motorist?

  oresome 19:45 30 Jul 2006

I agree that fixed cameras have painted markers on the road to provide a secondary proof of speed. (assuming the camera timing is accurate)

But mobile cameras obviously don't. Is the secondary proof not necessary in these circumstances?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:02 30 Jul 2006

Naturally British law gives one the right to defend oneself when *ahem* accused without the threat of double the fine ;-))...click here gives some guidance. click here and click here gives the other view (as opposed to that of Plod on wheels) on the facts and figures.


  dwaynedibbly 22:58 30 Jul 2006


It may not have been, and certainly doesn`t sound like its a speed camera.
More likely its one of the new portable ANPR - automatic number plate recognition - system.
It basically reads all number plates and cross references the result to the Police National Computer.
Any baddies driving around e.g disqualified drivers etc are easilly nabbed by this system.
More and more Police forces are using this now.

  Forum Editor 23:06 30 Jul 2006

The new SPECS average speed cameras

all face the oncoming traffic. The cameras are linked in pairs, and can be placed at any distance apart, from a minimum of 200 metres to a maximum of 10 kilometres.

They calculate the average speed between the two points, and are designed to eliminate 'camera surfing', where motorists speed up between conventional cameras.

There's a good deal of rubbish talked about this speed thing, much of it by people who seem to have no real purpose, other than to find ways of speeding and getting away with it. I'm sure that there are unfair speeding prosecutions, but they are few and far between.

One of my brothers spent some of his life driving a Police Range Rover up and down one of our major motorways, and he has a wealth of stories about the things he's seen happen as a result of excess speed - most of them incredibly unpleasant. Anyone who really knows about driving knows only too well that speed causes accidents, and trotting out the tired old arguments about it not being the speed, but the bad driving that's at fault is simply nonsense.

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